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Anoebis - Emotions are for losers... and I'm a loser (retro normal trance set)


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You know those moments when you are tired after a great party, and you feel like floating away in a dreamy, warm & positive sunshine state? Well... Here is something for you! A 1.5 hour normal trance set...


You'll find my personal goa/normal-trance & retro trance favourites! 1.5 hour of known and less known tracks! People that were going out in the 90's will recognise some classics for sure... Those classics are mixed in a story with more new and old normal trance tracks!


I'll write the tracklist in the topic soon


Enjoy! And... keep the trance alive!




For the ones that want to download it:


place following link in your URL browser with the http in for of it of course.Enjoy



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I'm listening to the mix right now, nice stuff so far. I'm a sucker for normal trance too... Is there a tracklist availabe? If not, could you name the song playing aroudn 14 minutes and the one after that (I know the second one but I can't remember...).

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The tracklist :)


1. 12 Moons - Beyond Infinity

2. Armin - Blue Fear

3. Domestic & Astrix - Pure Energy

4. Greece 2000 - Three Drives on a Vinyl (Man With No Name Rmx)

5. DJ Looney Tune - Workstation (M.I.K.E.'s Energized Rmx)

6. Genlog - Mockmoon 98 (Kay Cee Rmx)

7. Eyal Barkan - I Believe

8. Afgin - Lonely Hearts

9. Sleeper - Turquoise

10. Blue Vortex - Symsic Amplifier

11. Union Jack - Red Herring (Disco Volante Rmx)

12. X-Dream - The 5th Dimension (Live in Paris)

13. Xenith - Critical Mass

14. Plastic Boy - Twixt (Rmx)

15. Paul Van Dyck - Words (For Love)

16. Innertales - Bohemian Rapsody

17. Blue Alphabet - Genetic Trance

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Thanks for the tracklist. I'm done with listening the whole thing and I have to say it perfectly fits my taste. It's trancy but still has a psychedelic side. And it's emotional too. Think I will give this a try when tripping the next time... Nice thing is I know some of the songs and artist names but still there is some new stuff for me.


Thanks a lot. I hope there will be sequel. :wub:

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Very good mix Jos, thanks for sharing

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Hey Joske!


I'm so sorry for not listening to your nice mix before, but I finally came around to do it.

Wow man, this one brings back good memories.

Blue Fear, Twixt (omg classic), Three Drives, Blue Alphabet (bonzai still ruled then), Words, ... fantastic tracks.

Nice solid classix mix that will be in my car for some time to come. :)



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this one disappeared in the void? could be reuploaded maybe?

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