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Live Retro Sets @ Israel at Last years


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In recent years, after everyone thought that retro trance is gone, There were people who did not forget about the pure trance retro sounds and returned to its former glory!


Here in Israel, All goa tribes arose and together we brought the magic and power of the eternal trance music!


I present to you the return of the roots from which it all began::::


The First Videos is from The Biggest Production of Goa raves at Israel - "PSILOSIVA"


for other underground productions scroll down :)


Enjoy and Save the Retro!


P.L.U.R from Holyland :)



"Psilosiva" Production at North of Israel - 26.06.2009


~ Total Eclipse (Stephane Holweck) Live Retro Set ~




"Psilosiva & Adrenochrome" Production's at North of Israel - Forest - 16.04.2010


~ Ubar Tmar (Takeshi Isogai) Live Retro Set ~



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Other underground productions:


"Hazit Amamit & Gushpanka" Productions at South of Israel - Desert - 18.02.2011


~ Miranda (Linda Miranda Silvergren) Live Retro Set ~






Rare Set of Miranda !!!! Koyote Records !!!!!!

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"Peace & Love" Production at Center of Israel - 05.02.2009


~ Shidapu (Roy Sason) Retro Set ~




"Kasha Basha" Production at Center of Israel near JERUSALEM - Forest - 27.05.2011


~ Shidapu (Roy Sason) Retro Set ~



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Well what can I say, the revolution has started, great job, nice sets!!

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