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the best progressive trance out there


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Hello everyone,

my full on topic was a success and i got loads of recommendations and ideas by the community here :).

I would like to to the same with the best progressive trance albums/compils/tracks that came out in the last years.

I am familiar with Tribal Vision and Jaia productions but i think the newest outputs by them are more or less from 2008-2009.

So I was wondering what's the best stuff out there 2009-2011 ? The newest the better, if you can.



After all your answers here is the list of all you suggested (more or less)




Ace Ventura & Captain Hook - The Jolly Roger (2011)

Aewock - Into The Spiral (2011)

Behind Blue Eyes & Krusseldorf - Kisses From The Clouds (2009)

Captain Hook - Human Design (2011)

D_Root - RootArt (2010)

E-clip - Shuma (2011)

Elea - Stellar Connection (2009)

Ellis Thomas - Head Music (2011)

Even 11 – Particles in Space ft. U-Prag Drummers (2011)

Flowjob - Sway (2011)

Gaudium - Session of Progression (2011)

Hi-profile - Plugged (2011)

Infinity - Control Group (2011)

Loud - Free From Conceptual Thoughts (2010)

Loud - The Remixes (2011)

Nerso - Exploration of Infinity (2011)

Osher - Twilight (2011)

Saeg - Sophisticated Abstractions (2010)

Sideform - Moving On (2011)

Sphera - Airstream (2010)

Suncontrolspecies - ii (2010)

Sunstryk - Pure Essence (2010)

Suntree - Inside (2009)

The Riddler - Questions (2011)

Time in Motion and Flexus - Smooth Vibrations (2010)

Time in Motion - Four Degrees (2011)

Vertex - Ocean (2010)

Zeitgeist - Darwin (2011)

Zeitgeist - Spirit of The Age (2010)

Zeitgeist - The Century Of Sins (2010)

Zen Mechanics - Re:Modified (2011)


VA - Abstract Visions (2010) - Iono Music

VA - Antimateria (2011) - Nuuktal

VA - Audio Addicted (2011) - Audioalchemists

VA - Beach Atmosphere (2010) - Iono Music

VA - Crosslink 2 (2010) - Iboga & Tribal Vision

VA - Extrasensory Perception 3 (2011) - Mikrokosmos Records

VA - Forensic Science (2011) - Iono Music

VA - Future Nature (2010) - TesseracTstudio

VA - Kosmics Playground (2010) - Prog On Syndicate

VA - Perun (2011) - Glitchy Tonic Records


older stuff:


AKD - ProgressinG (2008)

Antix - Twin Coast Discovery (2005)

Bus - Morebusinesslinkyouthere (2005)

Dousk - DIY (2006)

Fitalic - Atomic Atmosphere (2006)

Nasser - Checkpoint (2008)

Sensifeel - Eyes Of Truth (2007)

Vibrasphere - Archipelago (2006)

Vibrasphere - Exploring The Tributaries (2007)


VA - Iboga Set:7 Declivity (2007) - Iboga

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Definitely Ovnimoon although he kinda straddles the psytrance/progressive line


How bout


The Riddler- Questions

Vertex- Ocean

E-clip - Shuma

Nerso - Exploration of Infinity

Osher - Twilight

Sun Control Species - ii

VA- Abstract Vision

VA - Beach Atmosphere

VA - Future Nature

VA - Kosmics Playground


Just a few off the top of me nugget...



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"Explorations of Infinity" is one of the very best Prog albums of all time.


and also


Osher - Twilight

Sunstryk - Pure Essence (not his second album which is too mich of the same)

Suntree - Inside

Ovnimoon - Gemometric Poetry & Magnetic Portal

Infinity - Control Group

Ritmo - Disharmonic Silence

E-Clip - Shuma

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yeahhh how many recommendations! wicked... now to check them out :)!


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Nice tips!! Haldolium and Elea are a must.


I still must point that lately I don´t see much innovation in what basslines concerns. To my opinion is starting to get quite boring all this one note heart beat, or machine gun basslines, and is a pity, because ( imho ) more variety will throw the genre into another dimension.

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Lots of nice stuff allready got mentioned. I like to add the Extrasensory Perception compilations. There are three of them, the third one is my favourite. http://www.goastore....a590d6b15164473


Nasser's album Checkpoint is among my favourite albums of all time: http://www.goastore....roducts_id=2776


I also like the two albums that are out from Nuuktal Records. There is one compilation and a full album from Saeg:

v/a - Antimateria compiled by F-Zero http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4326

Saeg - Sophisticated Abstractions http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4162


Time In Motion are also amazing. I was able to catch them live in the summer of last year. Unfortunately they don't have a full album out but at least two EPs. I own one and like it a lot http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4608


I can also recommend the Audio Addicted compilation with lots of tracks from Swiss artists http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=4566

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On the more techy/"zenonish" (or zenonesque as basilisk has coined it) side of thing there is Zeitgeist and Glitchy.Tonic.Records who released some really solid releases over the last couple of years, get them here


2011 - Zeitgeist - Darwin



2010 - Zeitgeist - The Century Of Sins



2010 - Zeitgeist - Spirit of The Age



and a very recent ;) release (24th of November)


2011 - Ellis Thomas - Head Music



and (27th of October)


2011 - Aewock - Into The Spiral



One their compilation which you should definitely also check out:


2011 - VA - Perun


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Sensient - judgment day

Duotekk - Zlow

Grouch - Mayan Toolkit (Sensient Rmx)

Ovnimoon - The Holographic Sphere

john 00 fleming - the winds of change are blowing

ovnimoon - Kundalini of the Andes (Middle Mode rmx)

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Guest E-Mantra

i find too much similarities between nowadays progr releases

the ones who take music in a different directions are also my fav : Human Blue , Ovnimoon ..

but lately i listen this project : Exoplanet...but i dont think its progressive trance

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Progtrance (the psy variant on psyshop) can't really entertain me as it sounds all the same to me. And it's too boring recently.


There were some albums in the past that made me shiver though:



Fitalic - Atomic Atmosphere

Dousk - DIY

Iboga Set:7 Declivity

Antix - Twin Coast Discovery

Vibrasphere - Archipelago

Vibrasphere - Exploring The Tributaries

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The usual suspects from the prog scene have been mentioned.


Hi-profile is another upcoming name in progressive psy, really liked both his albums. Its a bit on the fullonish side but there are some progressive elements as well. And some very nice floaty uplifting melodies.


Sensifeel is also worth checking out. Similar sort of sound in most of his tracks but overall not too bad i would say.

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Thanks for all the suggestions once again.

I will update my first post with the list :)

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hi profile



Time in Motion


Zen Mechanics


These artists do tend to be very similar sounding without much progression(weird its called progressive) but are definately worth to be listened to if you enjoy progpsy soundscapes

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Thanks once again to everyone, I now compiled an extensive list on the first page, i have loads to listen to :)


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