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Silent Horror - Seance

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Trance2MoveU    384

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Artist: Silent Horror

Title: Seance

Label: Devil's Mind Records

Date: September, 2011



1. Inner Soul

2. Twinkled

3. Drum Ritual

4. Of None But It

5. Black Orb

6. Higher Access

7. Journey

8. Deja Vu

9. The Calling


Do you like scary movies?


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Sh*t. Hold up...give me a sec...


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That's better. That's the scream I was going for.


This is Jigar Shah, a marine engineer by profession, and he loves them. He apparently wrote all these tracks while he was on the open ocean. This is his 2nd full length album and if you cannot tell what type of music this is then I'm sorry your parents dropped you on your head. Repeatedly.


Yep this is an album of dark atmospheres and rumbling grumbling bass lines as scary effects assault you at every turn. Sunshine and light have long since been decapitated and eaten and if you didn't leave a trail of breadcrumbs before you started this journey, well...you're f*cked.


Maybe this will help

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Uh...nope. That made it significantly worse.Inner Soul is wet with fear as if a deranged lunatic with a chainsaw in a pig mask is stalking you in a deserted home. After a frenzied chase you seem to have outlasted him. For now. This was a great way to start.


Twinkling is more of the same rampaging bass line and abject darkness, but I found it less interesting as there wasn't any building of dread. It just unloaded on you with typical darkpsy noise, but where he scores points is again with his very descriptive break. Scary, but too short. The break that is.


Drum Ritual - Dark like the rest of the tracks with a deep, menacing bass line to be sure. But let's be honest...that's all it was. The only thing it made me want to do was see what the next track is like.


Of None But It- Stop me if you've heard this one. Bass line + effects. Repeat. I liked his break once again, I just wish there was more of it.


Black Orb- This one has a deep feeling of isolation, which makes sense if he created this stuff in the middle of the ocean. Wailing pads like forgotten ghosts moan but that is dominated by the scratchy and very loud darkpsy lead.

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"Oh yes...you have been hurt. Who hurt you Jigar? Who hurt you? *whispers* Who hurt you?"



Higher Access- More very scary vibes from the start. But you knew that. I'm starting to think that making this at sea is almost like making it in a studio on land. We saw this before. It's called the last 4 tracks. I did like the last bit which had a bubbling quality to it. He's got talent, no question.



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"She took the midnight train going anywhere..."


This is a much darker journey than candy corn 80's pop as you would imagine. He wields dark atmosphere like a scythe cutting through any and all feelings of hope and escape. This is more like it...every door you open you run into the lost souls that were violently murdered in this house. Oh thank God you're here, can you help me find the way out?


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What the f*ck!



Deja Vu- Love...absolutely love the way this one starts. It's a nightmare of hallucinogenic proportions before the bass line begins to hammer away. Also with all the leads it seems to be more on the darker side of twilight so easier to digest. It's just a continuous downward spiral into terror. For me, the scariest track yet.

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The Calling- "The power of darkness."


Undoubtedly the greatest surprise on the album with an ambient ending. After your body is murdered this must be what it's like to be confined to the limbo between the living and the dead. It's got it all...bass sweeps, zombie chants, eerie almost ethereal atmosphere...It's not until 6 minutes that a beat drops in, as if they didn't want to forget to torture your soul before sending you to the hereafter.


I think you have to be a fan of this genre to really like it. It's angry and singular in purpose. A bass line and scary effects that don't quit. He does a good job on a lot of tracks creating a tense atmosphere, but it's heavily outweighed by what makes darkpsy....well, darkpsy. One trick pony bass line is nice but when it's deluged with almost ear bleeding leads it becomes tough to listen to. I guess it's like listening to your music with your parents.


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"Why you no study...be like brother. Be doctor!"


So take this review with a grain of salt. I'm not that big a fan of darkpsy for the reasons mentioned above. If you are then you will probably love this. Perusing the big blue forum I found a review for this which was overwhelmingly positive. Mind you it was composed by someone with a screen name CinderVOMIT so he obviously has a taste for the finer things.


I'm just Mike.









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muzi    0

I'm a huge fan of darkpsy and I must say, that "Seance" is one of the most atmospheric albums I've heard so far. It's minimalistic, yet monumental at the same time, with excellent use of dark ambiences. Gloomy pleasure for ears, one of the best albums of 2011.

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Ormion    423

Great album. Last 4 tracks are amazing.

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