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Faxi Nadu - The Last Kick of Your Life (Postunder 2011)

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Faxi Nadu - The Last Kick of your Life


Artist: Faxi Nadu

Label: Postunder Records

Title: The Last Kick of your Life

Genre: Psytrance

Date: October 15 2011

Format: Digipack CD / Sleeve CD / WAV / 320mp3

Length: 68:31




faxi nadu - welcome to faxi nadu 0:18 000bpm

faxi nadu - after people 8:22 130bpm

faxi nadu - the deep 7:03 140bpm

faxi nadu - arrange my mind 7:02 144bpm

faxi nadu - blackout 0:39 000bpm

faxi nadu - sands of fantasy 6:30 145bpm

faxi nadu - missing puzzle 6:41 148bpm

faxi nadu - strange beyond 1:12 000bpm

faxi nadu - space opera 7:36 140bpm

faxi nadu - temporal control 6:56 145bpm

overdream - ultramarine faxi nadu remix 7:36 148bpm

faxi nadu - the last kick of your life 8:29 100bpm


All tracks produced by Yaron Eshkar at http://www.faxinadu.net

Track 11 original by Maxim and Olga Kurushyn http://www.myspace.com/kurushyn

Mastering by Kevin Metcalf @ eMasters UK http://emasters.co.uk

Album graphics by Ran Kramer




The Last Kick of your Life is an album of the imagination. Mysterious and enchanting, through tunnels of space, time and the deep mind. Intricetly layered collages of sound woven intro theatrical fabrics of harmony. Grungy and analog with a glitchy digital heartbeat, this is Faxi Nadu's unique version of a psytrance musical.




Buy it here (Digipack CD):





Free Download (WAV/FLAC/MP3) here:



Extra stuff:


Mixed album DJ set:



YouTube playlist:


Album on Soundcloud:

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