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CD] Vic Triplag - Imaginarium (Triplag Music) OUT NOW

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Dear friends!


We are happy to present new release from Triplag Music



Artist: Vic Triplag

Name: Imaginarium


Genre: Dark Psytrance

Date: 11/11/11

Format: CD

Length: 73:28

4 panels Digi Pack


Compiled and mixed by: Vic Triplag

Track 1,2,5,6 - Mastered by: Colin Bennun at The Stooodio, UK

Track 4 - Mastered by: System Crash (Germany)

Track 3,7,10 - Mastered by: Heaven & Hell Masters (Japan)

Track 8,9,11 - Mastered by: Mastering Online (Germany)


Track 9 was previously released on Fish'n'Trips Records (Austratia)


Illustrations by: Valentina Kallias

Finished art by: Barry O'Reilley

Distributed by: SaikoSounds


From the beginning of Triplag project in 2005 as DJ Vic has put together and released many compilations on CDs and digital media. Working tirelessly on promoting and spreading his favorite style of psychedelic trance Vic and Triplag Music have given an opportunity to many various artists to present their music to a wide audience. Vic's vision and support from fellow artists helped to established Triplag as one of the influential darkpsy community and record label.


With this release Vic makes a next step in label's evolution when DJ delivers music to the listener in a form of a continues sound journey through his own imagination and not just collection of single tracks.

Imaginarium is a mix of tracks that were acquired over a period of 1.5 years and played by Vic all over the world in club parties and open-air festivals. It brings together various flavours of darkpsy genre that over the years have defined and shaped as Triplag Music and subsequently as Vic's own DJ style.



Posted Image

Posted Image




01. Fungus Funk - Microcosmos (Astroff rmx)

02. KiRu feat Maximus feat Omega - Fall into Dream

03. Diablos - Inferno

04. Dark Whisper - Doctors of Mauthausen

05. Zero-Blade feat Omega - Day Turns Into Night

06. Glarvas - Space Density (Vic Triplag mix edit)

07. Urban - Follow On Space.

08. Dharma Project - HFDB

09. Satori - Voices In The Dark

10. Gloomy Phantom - Gatekeeper

11. Perseus Mandate - Exorcism

12. Omega - Designer Dreams


01. w&p Sergei Prilepa (RU)

02. w&p Eugene K. and Khapaev Maksim (RU)

03. w&p Takeomi Matsuura & Mizuki Nishihata (JP)

04. w&p Manuel Bellini (IT/GER)

05. w&p Kristiyan Karev (BG)

06. w&p Gleb (RU)

07. w&p Vitek (RU)

08. w&p Luca Kagasotto (IT)

09. w&p Rory Robinson (AUS)

10. w&p Timo Coerdt (GER)

11. w&p Gloomy Phantom and Pan Gohr (GER)

12. w&p Chris Cox (US)


Special thank you to Chris Cox a.k.a. Omega for lettig us use Designer Dreams steams throughout this mix!



Official release page :



Available from:




Goa Store

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