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V/A - Goa Culture Vol. 4 (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records)

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Artist: Various

Title: Goa Culture Vol. 4 - compiled by Bim and Kularis

Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Format: 2xCD

Release date: Out now!

Buy here: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/yse/yse2cd261.html



Release information:


Goa Culture Series goes forward to Volume 4.


Volume 4 is compiled by Kularis, one of Germany's most respected Progressive Trance Producer from Hamburg and DJ Bim, label manager of YSE Recordings.


This 2CD Compilation is a mind-blowing progressive Goa Trance product with 19 exclusive tracks including some of the most sought after acts the scene has to offer, like Fabio and Benni Moon, DayDin, Klopfgeister and Kularis by himself.


This is Progressive Goa Trance at its best and rest assured that this Album will rock you.





01. Eguana - Flying Water (Easy Version)

02. Synthetic Pulse - Synthetic Pulse

03. Suntree - Fear and Love

04. Invisible Reality - Mind is Music (Fire Starter Remix)

05. Invisible Reality - Special Feeling

06. Drukverdeler - Universe

07. Dropkick - Frog On

08. Multiphase - Slipstream

09. Sirion - Beautiful Memories

10. Durs - Namaskar

11. Kularis - At the beach

12. DJ Fabio & Benni Moon Another Night

13. Klopfgeister - Laser Achim strikes back

14. Day.Din - Double Trouble

15. Asarualim - La Vida Loca

16. Dynamic Bastards - Progibaby

17. Infinity - The One

18. Vibrasphere - Erosion (Reverse Remix)

19. Noktamid - A day with the Raccoons






Buy here: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/yse/yse2cd261.html

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