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Unseen Dimensions - Airglow EP


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Artist: Unseen Dimensions

Title: Airglow EP

Label: Iono Music

Date: July, 2011


1. Airglow

2. Wonderland (Unseen Dimensions Remix) - Nok & Zyce

3. Sonic Manipulation (Unseen Dimensions Remix) - Flegma & Nerso




Breastfeeding is a purely non sexual act.


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*shakes head in disbelief. What the f*ck dude?*


At least that's what women have told me. And by women I mean the one woman I know who is currently breastfeeding.


Look I get it, it's the act of nurturing your newborn child and has nothing to do with sex. The woman's point of view is very clear and rational.


But have you seen what happens to breasts after childbirth? Boobs become so big and full that a brother can't help but stare.


And that's what lead me to this review. I couldn't stop staring so my wife sent me downstairs. But all is not lost, because I get to review and EP from progressive masters Iono Music. Smooth, melodic sounds are just what I need to cure my banishment. This is Javier Martinez Salinas from Mexico who released a damn fine album a few years ago as Twilight.



Airglow- "No one's coming to get us. Ok? No one. We have to help ourselves."


And we're off to a pretty groovy start with effects that make you feel like you're riding a star. Very full and lush as numerous layers take you in. Whooshes and sweeps hover above the bass line that moves with a funky shuffle. My advice? Stand back and let this psychedelic bird fly.

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Wonderland (Unseen Dimensions Remix)- More groove and more effects as small melodies peek out. The break is tangible as comets zoom past and the whole universe opens up in front of you, ushering a change in time signature. After that nice floating interlude, the track assumes it's original position with a pounding melodic sixteen bars. Great stuff.


Sonic Manipulation (Unseen Dimensions Remix)- This track is from their album Opposite which to me is one of the benchmarks of progressive trance. Now here are a list of the artists I know that have remixed this track. Liquid Space, Sven Snug, E-Clip, and Protoactive. Some tracks just lend themselves for remixing I guess. Oscillating synths come over you in waves, undulating breaks and liquid effects make this a joy to listen to.



If you love the spacious Iono style, then this EP is a no brainer. Congratulations to Javier, he will fit in just fine making this beautiful progressive trance. Highly recommended.





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I think this is one of the best prog albums I have come across in my life. Each track gets a 10 from me and have listened to them many times. So good that I can't even choose my favorite. Great stuff

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