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Hello psy- freaks :-) We are happy to send you another killer release..

this time is ChemicalSpoon full length album, Now available for Digital download.


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Chemicalspoon are Tomi Liquidspoon and Pál aka DJ Paya, well known

Hungary-Based project that brings you fullpower and full length album for

the dancefloor.Every track in this album is a diffrent story, from diffrent time.

with deep massive basslines , trippy soundscapes and very uniqe vibe

All come together to one psychedelic peace of art ...

Tracks written and product by Chemicalspoon and Friends.

Artwork by Bionik (South-Africa)




01 Chemical Spoon Vs Death Project_-_Blood Anger 154 bpm

02 Chemical Spoon Vs Jirzij_-_Knezy Trensz 150 bpm

03 Chemical Spoon_-_Do It Again 154 bpm

04 Chemical Spoon_-_Drum Bun 156 bpm

04 Chemical Spoon_-_Vágyilki Pumpupum 150 bpm

06 Chemical Sense_-_Zarya Vostoka 150 bpm

07 Chemical Spoon_-_Russian Winter 150 bpm

08 Chemical Spoon_-_Two Aliens 150 bpm

09 Chemical Spoon_-_Planet Terror 154 bpm

10 Chemical Spoon_-_No Time 4 Nuts 154 bpm


Pre-listen and Download here:



for more digital/physical stuff:


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