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[CD] Kode Six - Perfekt World (2011)


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Genre: Psytrance Full On


Duration: 76:59




01. The Spektakle

02. Overkill

03. Hyperreality

04. Solipsia

05. Ayanami

06. Indiscernables

07. Traffik

08. Perfekt World

09. Nothing

10. Simulakra

11. Akumen

12. Our Rules (Bonus Track)




01. The Spektakle-It stats with an intro with some drones fading in and out with a mysterious voice-8/10



02. Overkill-The track starts with some reverse pads and kick fading in, it has a goa feeling in it, which is good, but the track progresses very slowly, maybe it's because we are still in the beginning of the journey. - 6/10




03. Hyperreality-I can see goa coming out of this again, it has that feeling. Good bass and solid pads at the beginning, but again, it has some moments, but not much power for what i expected and some tones on the melodies are not much my style. - 6/10



04. Solipsia-It starts with some clouds synth and a "belly" melody, i'm wondering what this track will end out. All the tracks until now have goa elements in my opinion because at times they remind me of goa genre, but this is not goa, so i will say it's a mix between goa and full on.This is a very interesting catchy track from beginning to end and, for now, the best one! The end is very good!! - 9/10



05. Ayanami-This one is more scary with low note bass and pads, then comes a melancholic melody, that pushed a little bit more on the morning side, so it's kind of a mix of morning and night elements but in this case, no harm done ;) Good melodic track that i thought for the beginning it would be more scary and "nightier", even though, job well done ;) - 8/10



06. Indiscernables-This one just grabs you and takes you on a very good journey till the very end, although it's simplicity, it's very effective imo, best one until now ;) I cant help but think that all the tracks have old school elements, with the neo full-on influence from nowadays. - 9/10



07. Traffik-This on was interesting at the beginning but i lost some of the interest in the track, until futher listens... Average track. Note:good build up at 05:00 and good bass. - 7/10



08. Perfekt World-Well, this track is, after some listens, in the top 3 tracks of the album for sure, lots of acidic interlaced leads and sweeps, it has all the elements of what a good track needs, and above all, it has power, the best track? Maybe... - 9/10



09. Nothing-Is this a dream? It really seems, but then the kick fades in and the tension starts, good bassline. Wait a minute, this track is a total smasher!! wow this tracks amazed me, mainly after minute 03:30. And the built in to the end.. Just.. listen ;) No! This one is the best track of the album, period! ;) - 9.5/10



10. Simulakra-The beginning is very slow, but has it progresses it gets better and better, very nice full on elements in the structure of the track. Since track 6 that i don't feel that old school feeling. - 8/10



11. Akumen-Has it begins as an introduction to the album, it ends the same way to finish it, (Lost anyone? :P) in a mysterious environment filled with drones and a voice. - 8/10



12. Our Rules (Bonus Track)-The bass is fat in this one and we get driven mostly by it, good solid track with lots of acidic melodies, good way to finish the album. Good voices too. - 9/10



Final conclusions: I found this to be a solid album, from an artist that it's around here for some time now and he let himself maturate to the point of doing an album simple, but often very effective. I must say that old school elements helped a lot to my positive review of this album, so it starts slow paced but it gets better and better, so recommended for sure ;)


Favourites: 9, 6 and 4

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I have to agree: it’s a solid album from Kode Six. His first album had a nice, thick distinctive sound in terms of production, but it wasn’t very dynamic; the tracks seemed stale. Perfekt World has a lot more going on; the tracks grow, evolve, and are richer in terms of story telling. The word “mature” fits well. I particularly enjoyed Simulakra (it’s also nice to see that Kalan has been reading Baudrillard). That track has more of an “intense, extremely potent” morning sound, as opposed to his usual night-time & twilight style. Within that style, I like High Frequency Vibrations (We Are One compilation, Central Dogma Records & Biomechanix Records ) better but I still appreciate that he included something like this in the album. As a matter of fact, I would love to hear Kode Six exploring and exploiting that style a bit more.

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