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GoaHuman - Esoteric Journey (UAFR024)

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Release Info:

Label: Underground Alien Factory (UAF)

Format: Album, 320kbit, WAV, FLAC

Genre: Goa Trance, Downtempo

Style: New School

Tracks: 9

Playtime: 54:27 min

Catalog#: UAFR024

URL: http://uafrecords.com/artists/goahuman

Release Date: 30. October 2011.



Release notes:

Underground Alien Factory Records is proud to present a truly unique goa ambient/downtempo release, a debut album by talented Macedonian musician - GoaHuman (Denis Bogdanovski).


Esoteric Journey is exactly this, a true spiritual insight, composed as pure artistic musical vision that will lead you deep into beauty of yourself, with capabilities to reactivate the very core of your individual spirituality. From highest uplifiting moments to deepest psychedelic dives, you 'll be driven by finest goa melodies and easy hypnotic acid lines, all this spiced by soft and mysterious quitar themes. For all who seek for something different and ultimately spiritual, Esoteric Journey is ticket to travel into endlessness of inner light.




01. GoaHuman - Intro (2:00)

02. GoaHuman - Gacina (6:18)

03. GoaHuman - Voyage (6:24)

04. GoaHuman - Denes Go Gledam Istoto (6:31)

05. GoaHuman - 5th Element (7:06)

06. GoaHuman vs CoaGoa - Magic (6:36)

07. GoaHuman vs Sirius - Solar System (6:57)

08. GoaHuman - Morning [Remix] (6:44)

09. GoaHuman - Outro (5:51)




Mastering by Keamia @ www.keamia.com




photography & coverart by Boo Row

additional works by Imba



Download release:


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