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Ziptnf - Crystal Dreams [downtempo/psychill]


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My mixes have been pretty powerful lately, so let's chill out to some funky beats.


Uth - Ethereal Dream [Neogoa]

Mindphoria - The Picture [Neogoa]

Fingerprint - Kingstoned [Gliese 581C]

Children of the Bong - Life on Planet Earth [Planet Dog]

Ott - Cley Hill [Twisted]

Radioactive Sandwich - Walking on Strings [self-release]

Simon G - Night Shore Walk [Gliese 581C]

Shanti Matkin vs Jimbo - What Vibrations [Nice Dreams]

Slackbaba - Drink More Tea (Herbal Mix) [Organic]

Easily Embarrassed - Slyphesizer [EE]

Protoculture - Halo [Nano]

Easily Embarrassed - The Old Ways [EE]


Artwork credit to Elizabethe Iannone



Ziptnf - Crystal Dreams (70:02) 128.24MB ~256kbps

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Just saw this. Killer mix! Very happy to see our tune on there.

Well I'm very happy you took a listen! Walking on Strings is easily one of the best tunes in the mix. It just floats along, it's gorgeous. I tasted your latest album and while I liked it, I didn't have the same connection that I did with that song. I hope you guys keep it up :)

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I'm getting a 403 forbidden error.. Can u upload it somewhere else say uptobox, it's easy to download with it (especially with a continuously disconnecting 2G network of mine :/ )


Yes, I'm so sorry, I had removed this mix to make room for my latest in my soundcloud. Here are several other locations you can download it from:



Also, if anyone wants to hear another downtempo/psychill mix of mine, check this one out:
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