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E-Mantra - Pathfinder (SUNCD23) - Suntrip Records

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Dear Suntrippers!


After a break of almost 6 months, we are back with the 2nd album of one of the most famous "old school" goa-trance producers of the last decennium!

Twisted, hypnotic, even ominous at times and yet filled with magical melodies... It's hard to describe Emmanuels unique style! But it will appeal the lovers of the genre for sure! :)


We offer you 75 minutes of pure bliss:


01. Pathfinder

02. Metamorphic Resonance

03. Dansul Ielelor (Neurosect Edit 2011)

04. Valley Of The Kings

05. Above The Skies

06. Distant Signals

07. Afterglow

08. Approaching Nibiru (Eleusyn Rmx)

09. Deep Descent

10. If There Is Nothing


All other info and samples to be found on:



From now on (or within a few days) for sale on:


http://www.suntriprecords.com/releases/ (for sale within 2 days)















Next to be expected from Suntrip: Crossing Mind album and a compilation... :)

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Crossing mind so soon?


Soo what about

-long list of other artists under suntrips wing


I'm starting to think we need a new label get the finished stuff out.


As for E-Mantra? Let's see!


About which artists are you talking? :)


We have a few artists making music now, and if the album is ready, the chance is big it will be released on Suntrip... Most of those artists work slow and we don't pressure them to finish their album (creative freedom above all) so we can't say exactly when the albums be ready...


Compilation: we are working on it too

Crossing Mind: 1-2 tracks and it is ready


Other artists working for us now, and (if we like the result) we will release for sure: Ra, Filteria, Ethereal & Mindsphere. Others like Astrancer, Daimon,... are working too, but no news for a while, I will have a hearing... :)

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Nooo I still can't buy it! I've been F5-ing all day!


Do it now... it is for sale in our webshop too now, together with all the other cds, t-shirts etc :)


@ DeepXcode... Where do you have it from? It doesn't ring a bell...

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@ DeepXcode... Where do you have it from? It doesn't ring a bell...


Hm, the image contains the url at the top, maybe you haven't noticed: http://divbyzero.de


Edit: Full tracks (in 160kbps) sound indeed much better than the "2min MP3 extracts"!

And they seem to be spinning the album for the whole weekend..

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Soooo good. Whether it's superb, stomping, spacy goatrance with ravishing melodies like "Distant Signals", or unbelievably well made Downtempo/Psybient like "Deep Descent", E-Mantra has been THE outstanding producer since the release of Arcana. At least in my book he is. Truly outstanding work, Emmanuel. Thanks to Suntrip, too.

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Definitely a grower.. doesn't hit you in the face like artifact303 , it has its own charm working its way up slowly. Loving the melodies! Good work once again Suntrip and E-mantra :)

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....Other artists working for us now, and (if we like the result) we will release for sure: Ra, Filteria, Ethereal & Mindsphere. Others like Astrancer, Daimon,... are working too, but no news for a while, I will have a hearing... :)


And Aerosis? Thought they gonna releasing a LP 2007.

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Thanks for the reviews, but please post them in the reviews section! :) I'm glad to see there are some reactions already :)


About Aerosis... pretty silent from their side... We'll see... They were experimenting with their sound a lot, but not sure what they are doing right now :)

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I spoke with Bobby few days ago and probably we gonna release one Aerosis track on Dimensional Gateway 2, just need to confirm some details. We also spoke about digital release of Aerosis tunes on Graviton Records in 2012, but more about that when time comes.

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Astral Projection is not to be compared with E-mantra imo! I’ve been listening so much AP whenever I feel like less heavy music for the brain… this is not the case with E-mantra’s music! Really more acidic sounds and clearly new seriously evolved sounds.


Valley of the kings: I was completely overwhelmed by the unique mix of sounds that some refer to Nithzo – style, which is only in the kick that’s simular but the rest…. fluent, sounds and great new vibes! I was very sceptical in the beginning of the song but when it left me with a great smile I listened to it several times and it keeps me smiling over and over again.


Above the skies: wauw, wide open space – music! One of my ultimate favorites… cannot wait until I hear this live!


Dansul lelelor: I like the first one more because it’s more subtile than this version. But anyhow it is really a nice track especially with the acidic part in the middle, gives it more power.


Metamorphic resonance: great drive with magical sounds.


Afterglow: nice enchanting music.


Distant Signals: great twisting melodies with lots of open spaces that grow to fully powerful make-you-smile-moments!


Pathfinder: beginning with a great kick, so powerful with so great melodies also left me with a huge smile.


Deep descent and if there is nothing: mmmmm nice!


There was mentioned that he should be brave enough to walk his own path??? Please listen again!


“like one sound just sort of melts rather than leads into the next” johnb820




Thank’s Emanuel for this magnificant album :D

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