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Lotus w/ NiT GriT & Mux Mool @ Terminal 5 [9.24.11]

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Bowery and Mr Bugsly Present:




with special guests


Nit Grit & Mux Mool


Saturday, September 24th, 2011


Terminal 5 - 610 West 56th Street New York, NY 10019-3512


All Ages


Tickets $22.50 adv - $25 dos












Lotus formed at a Mennonite college that had banned on-campus dancing as late as the 1980’s, and has been creatively fusing electronic dance music with instrumental post-rock for the past eight years. Armed with a massive light rig and one of the most energetic shows on the circuit, Lotus was a go-to act for late night festival slots this past summer, performing at ROTHBURY, Summercamp, Camp Bisco, and many others. The band’s latest album, Hammerstrike, finds the band reaching back in order to move forward. Primarily recorded live in one room to analog tape, the album captures a sound that harkens back to the 70's but never slips into nostalgic retreads. The compositions are focused and melodic, filled out with orchestration including swelling violins and cellos, banjo, wordless choirs, and electronic noises. Though the tracks range from dance floor ready rockers to soaring post-rock instrumentals, the album is held together by a sanguine spirit pervading each track. The big guitars, feedback, and distortion serve an optimistic purpose. It is a decidedly American feel that invokes big skies, open roads, and a zealous yet naive pursuit of the idea that defeat will never be conceded. The band also released the remix Eps Oil On Glass and Feather On Wood recently.



NiT GriT





Nit Grit is a prominent up-and-coming Dubstep Producer. He incorporates HUGE bass-pounding dubstep beats and intertwines some extremely melodic and soothing sounds, as well as incorporates grime and lazer sounds/affects.



Mux Mool




From Brooklyn by way of Minnesota, Brian Lindgren produces some of the most acrobatic electro-hip-hop and uses sampling in very unique ways. Informed by classic breakbeats and 8 bit nostalgia, his diversity within the genre is unparalleled. Mishka claimed that his 2010 LP Skulltaste (Ghostly International) "heightens the face of bedroom production."




Bringing you the FRESHEST beats in the NORTHEAST





**For information on how to become part of our ever-growing team, and to earn free tickets, contact: streetteam@mrbugsly.com**


For all other inquires: info@mrbugsly.com

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