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Angry Dwarf - Celebration of Life

Angry Dwarf

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One sunny Saturday morning, behind 3 hills and a stream, Angry Dwarf emerged from his secluded cave and left out a little gift in the middle of the forest :wub: . A fruit basket full of images and sounds, free for everyone to enjoy in :blush: . A rare thing happened, smile blitzed across his twangy mustaches :blink: , then he quickly returned to the darkness of his cave :mad: .

There was a note left next to the basket saying "Spring cleaning, so old junk goes out!"


Angry Dwarf - "Celebration of Life"; unpublished album (2004)


1. Continuum

2. Pulse

3. Chasing The Dragon

4. Hell Sludge

5. Wings Of Dawn

6. Organic

7. Neon City

8. Dreams

9. Dawn Of a New Era (bonus track)


Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71zdVjDWd-k&list=PLAF2548745A86D708


Enjoy! ;)

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the angry dwarf has requested to keep the bass low and intermediate in the mastering process (as is the preview on soundcloud), but i think i will return to his cave and ask for a more powerful approach to his enchanting tones, if he declines, i will shake his cave and make him scared! :P

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