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OiG Team is proud to present to you the second installment of Art From The Heart


Compiled by Gai Edri AKA The Wonderboy, OiG Team, Israel (http://www.facebook.com/thewonderboyoig)

Mastering by Snag - "Snag The Sunshepherd" (http://www.sunshepherd.com)


Release Date: Aug-15-2011

Style: Goa-Trance

Total Time: 87:33 min.





01. Jayex & The Wonderboy - Witchcraft Night 09:22

02. Radical Distortion - Evil Machine 08:13

03. Jikooha - Riot Here! Riot Now! 08:21

04. Qlipadelic Rythm - Ganesh Soul 07:10

05. The Wonderboy - Kings of Camouflage 28:05

06. Snag The Sunshepherd - Aura 08:20

07. NK-47 - Know No Silence 09:10

08. Hybrid FX - Shamar 19:43

09. Afgin - Cleopatra 08:52

10. ArmagedDance - Sun And Snow 08:39

11. ArmagedDance - Away From Eden 03:53




VBR versions:




WAV/FLAC/320 versions:

(Stay tuned. Will follow shortly)


Please feel free to post the links and spread them around the universe... ;)


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