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Phaxe - Train Boogie EP


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Artist: Phaxe

Title: Train Boogie EP

Label: Iboga Records

Date: May, 2011


1. Train Boogie

2. Lucky Number


Thrown in my virtual basket based on his past performances on compilations, this EP has been on my hard drive for a couple of weeks. Seems like every label is going the digital route as the model for selling music has changed. What the f*ck took you so long? Certain artists release music that I must have on CD and then there are others where I would like to pick and choose.


This is Kevin Josefsen who has appeared on a bunch of compilations lately. His style is drifting progressive trance in the Flegma and Nerso style with grand melodies, shiny pads, and a full, lush sound. Released by Iboga, they have fully embraced the digital market so I hope they do well.


Train Boogie- "In my mind. Always on my mind."


This is not a very complex progressive house track and it doesn't offer much. Short on melodies and kinda just plods forward. I really didn't like the uber-housey "Turn the world around" sample. Very thin with no surprises, what the hell happened? How are you going to make your title track this uninspiring?


Lucky Number- Seems like his lucky number is 2 as in the 2nd track is waaaay better than the first. Even with the opening house beat, this is more the style I'm accustomed to from him. It bounces and shines like the cover with bright shimmering pads and soft, warm synths. Smooth break also that sees the introduction of a new lead. Good groove and melody that is very danceable. Nice stuff.


Ep's seem to be a great boon to labels. I understand that the cost going into marketing, manufacturing, and printing a CD can get pricey. If you release it digitally the cost surely goes down. They get the profit of an couple track EP (which maybe the artist was just hanging on to) and the consumer gets to choose which one they like. Win, win. No question the 2nd track was easily the choice for me, but I got them both so I could review it for others. I'm such a giver.





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