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Hello everybody.

Amithaba Buddha has decided that he will be working on an upcoming 3rd album. It will be a big project and it will certainly take it's time.

Maybe up for a year if not more or less since it's something big that i've always wished to do so but wasn't ready for it back in the days.


Any labels interested in the 3rd album come in contact by PM or my personal facebook :


Filipe Santos


Here's a new fresh song from Amithaba Buddha to remind you that Goa is far from dead.



Amithaba Buddha Facebook


God Bless.

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Hehe good to hear that the buddha isn´t out of samsara yet. Your tunes are alive here in my iphone, summer traditions ;)

Concerning the track, very nice crispy distorted 303ish line.


If your new album will have tracks similar to Lost In Paradise and Mysteries Of The Women I will be very happy. The oriental portamento melodies in The Mysteries Of The Women are very memorable.

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Sexual Reproduction


something tells me that The Mysteries of the Women was solved, hehe.


juicy sound btw, i feel something from all the projects this time, the journey was worth it as it seems :)

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haha! guys i don't know what else to say than just 'Thank You'.

Really happy for all the positive vibes. :)


@ Diaks concerning your question : it will be different. all because im way much older than i was when i wrote all the favourite songs you just mentioned.

The 3rd album will be an hard project to accomplish , that's why i plan to take 1 year if not more composing the songs.

I expect my experience to bring the best in this 3rd album.

Great to know you have the songs in your iphone specially for the summer! :)




@Padmapani : I still have the gear which i used to bring up chynacid. Despite not being a popular project i can always try and bring up some new songs for Chynacid. Just can't promise anything since i'm working on AB 3.


@ Plutodelic : Sort of. Women still have their mysteries , specially when you just meet someone new , it all follows a path. I'm just showing what i wish the most. Someone special. True Love. It's not just about sex , it's way more than that and that's what i've wrote in this song. I don't have it yet , but hopefully me and those who wish the same we can all get there. It's an hard objective to achieve these days. But i'm sure God will reward those who truly follow Him.


Rest of the boys : Keep up the positive spirit this is what we most need these days and i guess for the rest of our lives. True happiness. May God be with you all.

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Sorry for posting negative comment, but I don't like the hi-hat(s) at start and the whole track is rather mediocre IMO.


No problem , i'm sure you'll dig this one day. :)


Good luck with your future efforts!


Many thanks Penzoline. :)


Sexual Reproduction


something tells me that The Mysteries of the Women was solved, hehe.


juicy sound btw, i feel something from all the projects this time, the journey was worth it as it seems Posted Image


hahaha It was! LOL :P :P :P


nice tune!


something unrelated: do you plan on pursuing the sound from your chynacid project any further? tofu ep was really great Posted Image


yes Padmapani , i loved Chynacid on the dance floor , it was amazing! O_O


here's Tofu from me live at this amazing party in Belgium:




Totally Heavy Power Bass Goa really like it :)



here's another one aswel from the new EP from Chynacid - Zen Dimensions also available on Acid Chemical Plant Records :



and video Live :




Also if you and everybody else wants to keep updated about Chynacid visit me @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chynacid/102688083122807

you're mostly welcome.


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