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Who is doing trip-hop these days, besides Massive Attack?


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I love downtempo music, have lots of ambient and chill-out stuff. But, to my surprise, a whole new world I wasn't aware of opened to me: I have just met trip-hop. Of course, I know some big names (Nightmares on Wax, Portshead, Massive Attack...), but my knowledge stops there. I wonder if there's a trip-hop 'scene' (though I visualize trip-hop as something to be appreciate alone), and if there are acts out there. Anyone?

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Are you already familiar with DJ Shadow? His debut album Endtroducing... is an absolute must-have.




Another album is Earthling's Radar. I love that album. And Tricky of course, his earlyer stuff. Was there ever a trip-hop scene? I don't know man. I am used to listening to all kinds of stuff. I don't think I ever belonged to or felt part of a scene.

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Well, thanks for all suggestions. I have discovered that I feel totally connected with these wonderful songs. In another forum, someone mentioned Mazzy Star as a trip-hop artist. Not exactly a trip-hop act, but the feelings are great.

It makes one want to drink wine, smoke cigarretes and feel depressive in a joyous way :unsure: lol.

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Kruder & Dorfmeister – The K&D Sessions

The Irresistible Force - It's Tomorrow Already

V/A – Cold Krush Cuts

V/A - Tone Tales from Tomorrow

V/A - Tone Tales from Tomorrow 2


If you want more check out the label Ninja Tunes, they're the equivalent of TIP or Dragonfly.

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