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Albums you are waiting for?


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I'm also waiting for Papiyan debut and new Atriohm.


AFAIK Jahbo doesn't have a full length album under his name. He is truly one of the best producers out there!

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I am waiting for many of the ones that have been mentioned...



Crossing Mind!

and many others, but I'm not in the position to say names here :)


Forest Trance:



Oneiromanix (!!)


Donkey Shot

Hallucinogenic Horses (it was ready I was told 1 year ago?)



Distant System

Asura soundscape album

Hol Bauman

Ra ambient album

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Since I see you mentioned Derango, do you have any info on upcoming album or you just state your wishes?


In my case only a wish, but the Hallucinogenic Horses (which I am also waiting for :P) have been rumoured (I almost want to phrase it) for quite some years. First supposedly released on Insomnia but that never materialized, but sounds like Anoebis might have some new info on that account?!

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I don't care if the releases are digital or not but those pesky digital two track EPs only make me want more.


So when is your album out? ;)


i don't even know myself if we will make another one... :lol:


we have a remix ep of chaos opera that is coming out soon though, with silicon sound, materia, plamostek and lost&found.

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A new album from AKD is something that i highly anticipate. A true genious in melodic progressive trance!


This is one of the best progressive albums evargh ;)

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