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Moai - Full Moon (Promo Album)


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Artist: Moai

Title: Full Moon

Label: None

Date: 2010


1. Liquid Blue Vision (11.00)

2. Full Moon part I (7.31)

3. Full Moon Part II (10.03)

4. Moontale (9.53)

5. Digital Placebo (13.17)

6. Troublemaker (7.01)

7. Crystal Elixir (10.56)



You know, I remember when there was no cell phones or internet.


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F*ck you. Hell, go back farther. I can recall a time before ATM's and get this...we used to have to get up to change the channel on the television. I don't know why, there was only 4 channels anyway and they all sucked. Remote control? Go back to your science fiction trekkie. When the knob broke, we used a pair of pliers to turn the channel. Satellite? Do I look like I work for f*cking NASA douchebag?


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My point is that technology has bettered everyone's lives in countless ways. Since this is a music forum, at the very least it has exposed me to artists I have never heard of and allowed artists to upload their albums for free download. We used to have to go to the record store and buy albums. Not CD's you spoiled b*tches, but actual albums. Now you can download, stream with smart phones, and chat with people around the world instantly. It's like the motherf*ckin' Jetsons up in here.


I was going to post a gif with the Jetsons in it, but the lions share of them are porn. That's another thing...we now live in the days of instant porn. It's almost cool to be into porn. Back then you were treated like a sociopathic deviant because you wanted to see some tail.


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Kid's just curious....Do you know what you had to do to get porn 30 years ago? Ahhh, don't get me started....


Moai is Jimmy Leonardson and Remi Despret who's brand of electronic music is EDM comprised of a lot of genres. I can't remember what site I was on (another by product of getting older) but I downloaded a few of their tracks. Surprise, surprise I can't remember them. But fear not, the best tracks from the past 10 years are put on this digital debut that they released themselves. Oh, by the way....it's free.


Liquid Blue Vision- I love this track. Love it. Sure it's 11 minutes, but invest your time Bill Gates, it's great. It is what I would term epic progressive dream trance. The kick and bass are warm like caramel over a sundae. Melodies float by on puffy clouds as pads guide the way. It's never intense or harsh, but comfortable as a favorite pair of sneakers. The break is a cool swim on a summer's eve as the track gears up for a finale. Absolutely awesome work. Where are the labels for this?


Full Moon Part I- More warmth in the kick and deep bass. The synths are like a wisp of smoke, just that delicate. They blend well with the pads creating a really lush atmosphere. Really melodic smooth sailing. Great work.


Full Moon Part II- The beat bubbles from beneath the surface slowly making its presence felt. The bass is a wobbly affair, with house-like rhythms. Synths growl as they rise in volume and then fade away as another lead slides in to take its place. Smooth melodies with a dreamy quality echo into the distance, almost becoming loud, but never really reaching it. Groovy times 5 to boot. Another great track sirs!


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Moontale- With a sparkling melody that just shimmers the track is underway and then immediately undergoes a short tempo change before dancing back to 4/4. The layers begin to pile up and then what seems like their style is gets deconstructed. But it is done so smoothly that you feel like part of the track. Melodies twist around each other and float off into space like you just fell off the space station and are now drifting. Super!


Digital Placebo- 13 and a half minutes? Holy crap!


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I was really doubtful about a track so long, but these guys have shown they know how to tell a story. The female vocal is ethereal, even when distorted, and the melody bounces along nicely. Allow yourself to get swept up with the pads and leads. The break allows for some much needed freshness, as the groove intensifies as leads copycat the bass. That never fails to get me going. Still, it could've been more elaborate and maybe even epic. Good stuff, just know what you're getting into.


Troublemaker- Wow, that lead is freaky! Sparkly and detuned, just the way I like 'em. Bring on the funky percussion and layered synths and we have quite the track. Normally the bass rumbles, but here the synth is the screamer! There is a goa flavor here that didn't go unnoticed but the rawness of this one is great.


Crystalixir- A midtempo groover with dubby bass does wonders to end and bring the pace down. It's melodic and very detailed. Funky drumming is sweet music, and the production really shines. Another great job.


That was really impressive. I would think that with music this melodic and well produced that labels like Iono and TesseracT would be all over this. You know what this reminds me of...Blue Planet Corporation. Never abrasive, but melodic as hell with thick song structures. There is wonderful detail that makes the tracks enjoyable from beginning to end. This is really a revelation, and I cannot recommended it highly enough. It's not psytrance or progressive trance, or trance...but all three.


Go and get this...now.



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