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Psyclone - Northern Californian March 26

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March 26th 6pm - noon the next day


Audio Alchemists:


Primordial Ooze (Chilluminati/AntiShanti Records) (((LIVE))) Milwaukee, WI


Parus (Auraquake Records) (((LIVE)))


Fractal Cowboys (Manic Dragon,Avatar and Doof Records) (((LIVE)))

Sunchild (UltraViolet Carnival) (((LIVE)))



LeoHawk (Mighty Quinn Records Label DJ, UltraViolet Carnival)


Treetop (Ultraviolet Carnival, Raw Heaven)

Arwin (Dilated Sound)

Saturnia (Spun REcords)

Michael Liu (Pisces 2011)

Dreamcatcher (Anarchy Productions International)

Daniel Tandava (Star Camp, Tandava Productions)

God Intoxicated ((Ultraviolet Carnival)

Mahadeva (MAHADEVA)

Shem (Shake Lasta)

Chlorophil (Synchronos/SBC)

Nicolo(PsyberTribe Records)~Exclusive Label Set~

Rawqua (Raw Heaven)

Trinity Star (Seahorse)


5a.m. & Seanote (Elephant Music/Synthetic Pulse)

..more TBA


Psyclone Website: http://www.wix.com/inpsyd/djarwin


Psyclone on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=132123670187352


Visuals by Opticali: http://www.facebook.com/opticali


Dance Performance by Isa Shisha: http://www.facebook.com/IsaShisha


Kriya Yoga Experience by Dmitry Vulfovich



Detoxifying the body will be the main theme, by oxygenating the cells and rapidly flushing the toxins out, the body is revitalized through pranic breath. We will use various movements to unlock the bodies’ energy centers along the spine and reconnect them. We will also be pinpointing specific positions that are described in Eastern medicine to have therapeutic effects on distinct organs and cognitive arousal. The techniques that will be taught are some of the most powerful tools for experiencing the expanded aspects of the self on a uniquely personal level. Various sutras will be taught on how to use prana (the breath energy) and kundalini (the coiled libidinal force) in order to channel higher information signals. Metaphysical methods and ideas will be discussed to create a sense of wholesome integration and intelligence into the mind body experience. The teachings have been gathered through many years of travel and diplomacy on the subject. All levels of practice are welcomed.


$25 at the door


$20 before 9pm


Full service restaurant with beer and wine available

Pool, hot tubs, sauna

Yurts available for rent - $48.00 plus tax per night

Cabins available for rent $125.00 plus tax per night (sleeps 4 )

Call the Lupin office @ 408-353-9200 to book yours now....going fast!



Directions and map



Lupin Lodge Video


No outside alcohol will be allowed and yes we will be searching cars, so please don't bring any.


NO DOGS - if you have a service animal you MUST bring the correct paperwork with you.



You MUST present a government issued PHOTO ID to be admitted. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


LEAVE NO TRACE! pack in pack out, remember to bring extra warm clothes!!!!!!!!


~*~ {{{{{{{{{{{{O00o> brought to you by Dilated Sound in association with Mighty Quinn Records, Ultraviolet Carnival & Friends<o00O}}}}}}}}}}}} ~*~

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