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Wizack Twizack - Breeze of Heaven EP

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Artist: Wizack Twizack

Title: Breeze of Heaven EP

Label: Digital Distortion Records

Date: January, 2011


1. What Are You Doing?

2. Breeze of Heaven

3. It's OK Now


I wonder what this guy's dreams are like?


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I'll be back...I think I just crapped myself.


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What the f*ck?



Tommy has always tended towards the darker side of trance, but he is equally adept at quality twilight full on. What makes his music great is the atmosphere and detail which is his signature. Sure he can do melody, but he can also make you a little hesitant to shut off the light. This is a small EP that I came across released by Digital Distortion Records.


What Are You Doing?- I like the lead in the beginning and he adds a little Shponglese vocal manipulation contributing to the weirdness. The leads come fast and furious as the bass line scrambles. Tempo changes keep it fresh, and the "What are you doing" sample raises the tension. Truly psychedelic in an Alice in Wonderland type of fashion with lots of twists and turns. Good track.


Breeze of Heaven- This one suits me better as it is darker with loads of effects. As the lead grows in intensity it wields a twilight hammer only to leave quickly. Hallucinatory atmospheres fly by as if I were on a 3 day peyote trip. More twists as synths come and go as this one winds down. Pretty good job!


It's Ok Now- This is done by Art of Existence which I guess he has some involvement in. My favorite hands down. Melodic, dark and effects laden. Sure the title says it's ok now, but don't you believe it. The sample doesn't help either. Eerie. Squelches and scratchy leads increase the darkness quotient and the track continues to add synths to thicken it up. Hi paced scary clown sh*t, man. Awesome!


Well, you know what you're going to get when you listen to his music. Dark, melodic, spooky, forest, eerie...I don't care what you call it. The atmospheres are rich and vivid and he still manages to make you want to dance. $6 is a lot for 3 tracks, but if you're a fan of his music like me and have some coin lying around, then it's no big deal. If money is tight (and in this crappy economy) and you have to make a choice, I would download the 3rd track. Great stuff Tommy you Swedish psycho!



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Thanks for the review man! About the 3rd track AOEX, its my new project with my friend Nevarakka from sweden, if u liked that one, make sure u download this 4track ep that was released few days ago on Spliff Music.


And also Another new 2 tracks Wizack Twizack Ep by Planet B.E.N records here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/337034/Reconstruct


cheers! =)


btw, those gif's where some demented scary shit dude :)

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