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"V/A - The Garden of Delights"


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Artist: Various

Title: The Garden of Delights

Label: Blue Hour Sounds

Date: July, 2010



1 Bolid / Paraphone

2 The Journey Agent / Tantrix

3 Orangutangy / Tristan

4 Timeless / Ajja and Pearce

5 Tiny Taste / Asimilon and Satya

6 Fabric of Space / Ianuaria

7 Brewed Awakening / Lucas and Tristan

8 Door Mice / Tantrix

9 Garsas (Gaiana Rmx) / Gido



Blue Hour Sounds is based out of Italy and began in 2009 so they are relatively new to the game. The only experience I have had with their releases is the wonderful downtempo effort Made of Dawn.



Bolid- This is Benjamin Klages who has been on a few compilations. It was a nice opening. Nothing to elaborate or detailed, but nice to hear. He has that bubbling style that makes the track appear thicker and more liquid. The lead is squirty and playful to be sure. One thing of note, the sounds were crystal clear. Not bad.


Free Lemonade- "In future be more careful from who you accept free lemonade."


This is a wonderfully organic track that is full of effects and pumping sounds. It bounces and weaves and reminds me of the stuff from Glowing Flame. Long phrases twist above a constant bass line as more sounds are added to the mix. Sounds great.


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Yeah, you tell 'em Orson.



Orangutangy- Tristan Cooke is a survivor who has produced everything from Goa to progressive and downtempo to psytrance. Most of it pretty damn good. This track is a bit of a rambler in the psy-gressive mode. Effects compliment the good bump it has going. Again, not terribly elaborate, but these monkeys seem to enjoy it.


Posted Image



Tiny Taste- "As your attorney I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit. You won't need much...just a tiny taste."


Two unknowns for me who bring scraping sounds and rolling bass lines. More groove oriented without many layers, but the percussive work is pretty nice. When the effects start to pile on an ominous feel takes hold. Good stuff.


Fabrik of Space- One of the reasons I was interested in this compilation is right here. All of the tracks I have heard by Josef have been super. Very squirty and forest like sounds ripple in larger and larger waves but the difference here is the depth and the layers he brings. The leads just roll on. Rich and vivid and without a doubt the best track on the compilation.


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Hey! Awkward white boy who can't choose a hair color...get out of my Mr. T dance shot!



Brewed Awakening- Get it...Brewed Awakening? I'm guessing these two are big coffee drinkers. Wait...or beer drinkers. Check this guy out...his name is Popcorn and he lives in the mountains of North Carolina and he brews his own moonshine.


Posted Image


He's like 90 years old and has been arrested numerous times. They tell him to stop, but he's mountain people. It's like telling a crack addict to just chew gum.


Hell, they even put the drip drip in their track. Metallic clankings that streeeetch as the bass line pops underneath. A constant ringing of a synth brings a wobbling bass sound at the break. There is a lot going on here and it is delightfully filling. The 303 finally arrives (I knew it was coming!) and becomes quite groovy. Great stuff again!



Jumping Mice- Tantrix again, with more psychedelic goodness. Oh, those juicy effects they just set the tone. This is an outerspace journey, with comets spiraling past you sparkling with so many colors. It has a goa feel to it and just pounds away. The break is so cold, but well done. Also one of my favorites. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this duo.


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I just wanted to see if I could find something. Awwww....isn't he cute?!?



Garsas (Gaiana remix)- To close it out is a project I have never heard of remixing a track by an artist who I have no idea who it is. Follow that? Settle in because it is a long one. It's a spacey rumbler with deep bass and swirling sounds. Echoes and reverberating effects work very well, as I look down and see there is still 6 minutes to go. Wow. Soft ice-like pads chime in and synths twinkle as a guitar softly hums just within earshot. Just flat out groovy and I didn't mind the length at all.



This is a very good compilation. Not great, but quality. It really does remind me of a lighter version of Temple of One. You won't be overwhelmed with melody, but what you will find is plenty of psychedelic sounds and good groove. Case in point...the last track. It really didn't go anywhere, but the trip it took me on wasn't boring. I enjoyed it and was glad I found it. There are better compilations out there (and far worse) but you would do well to give it a listen. Very subliminally psychedelic. Recommended.













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There are better compilations out there


Are there, really? Please don't keep me in the dark! :D


Nice review for a solid compilation! Tantrix's Free Lemonade takes the cake!

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