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Psilocybian - Wry Figments


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Artist: Psilocybian

Title: Wry Figments

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: August, 2010



1. Back from a magic party

2. Mary Poppills v2

3. Analena

4. Proof of principle

5. The UFO Guy

6. Blue Eagle (Psilocybian rmx)

7. Succumb

8. Jumping Jack Flashback

9. Offbeat Heartbeat



I was sent a promo copy of this to review even though it came out in the summer. So...is it really a promo? I don't care because it enabled me to hear something I totally missed. This is Sasa Dukic who also releases music under the names Mammal Footwork, Screw Loose and Dual something or other. I first heard his music on the Dimensional Gateway compilation (one of the best goa comps out there people!) where he crafted quite the atmospheric goa track. This is his debut album and one quick visit to the 'shop tells me that it is on Ovnimoon Records. Is this a label created by the artist known as Ovnimoon? So have we reached the point where we are recycling names now? I tried to find out, but the intarwebz are on some hush hush sh*t. Ovnimoon is Hector Stuardo and he has put out some brilliant work in the progressive arena with releases like Signals From the Surface, Geometric Poetry,, and Family of Light. You know, Hector is the man! Like this guy:


Posted Image


Just talkin' bout Hector.



Back from a magic party- This begins as a groovy track with nice effects. It bounces along with a dark tendency, not in style, but atmospherically speaking. The sweeps are deep and add depth as the break gurgles with a simple melody. Not a whole lot happening, but a very good intro to the journey. This is an example of creating a lot from a little.


Mary Poppills V.2- A nice progressive and eerie sounding stomper greets the ears. He is very competent with the echoing effects and it sounds great. The melody at the break growls over the ever present bass line as this track's strength is atmosphere and groove. Good track.


Analena- "What you are watching, is a crude robot being trained spontaneously by a creativity machine. Unlike popular humanoid robots controlled by human programming, this robot, is in a sense, is creating new ideas and forms of action."


More vibrating deliciousness as the leads work their way past sonic noise. The bass scrambles as a lead scorches above but it doesn't stay long. He uses other sounds to create different melodies to keep it interesting, almost holding the place of the more dominant synth. This track is more aggressive and also more rhythmic and complex. The key change at the end was a nice surprise. Very good track!


Proof of principle- Effects are everywhere as the bass pounds out the steady rhythm and it isn't long before he works the percussive angle. The goa flavor is tangible (even though there isn't one such melody) as the delay and echoing create a sumptuous delight. This is a power track as is gets stronger the longer it goes on. Not a lot of evolution, just good straight forward psytrance.


The UFO Guy- A bubbly beginning, and right back into the 4/4 stomping. The sample about UFO's is interesting and well placed. It fits with the flow of the track and like a lot of the previous tracks, there isn't melodies stacked atop each other, but rather a focus on power and working with what is there. Not evolutionary (far from it) but still pretty good.


Blue Eagle (Psilocybian rmx)- I have no idea who Neon Noodle is, but here he gives this artist the business. Smooth, spacey pads contrast with the abrasive sweeps, as a computer voice speaks. The lead is dirty, 303 dirty and creates good bounce. More great effects as the track thickens up with a gurgling lead crawling below the surface. The break is short but effective as the power increases. Leads enter subtlely but stop me if you have heard this one...the atmosphere created is delightfully dark and vivid. The computer voice begins to annoy, but luckily it is in the background. I liked it a lot.


Succumb- "What we perceive as solid matter is mostly empty space. Just as we may perceive that a life is full when it is actually a series of empty encounters."


This one has the the galloping bass line to start and then changes to a more rapid fire approach. It hops nicely but is a little plain until the 303 pops out of the break and just storms angrily right to the end. Perfect example of not a lot of twists and turns, but still providing a good sense of flow.


Jumping Jack Flashback- See what he did there? Big kick and a shuffling groove? Yeah, I'm on board. More effects and the sidewinding bass line give this a warm progressive feeling. Melodies come and go and they add a funky element. The break is filled with sonic goodness making this a nice track.


Offbeat Heartbeat- This is the final track so it is fitting that it is of the slower breakbeat style. It bubbles and squirts, with piano stabs and a great sounding percussion section. Funky as hell with a sunshine appeal. A twisted lead snakes in with an atonal vibe. Just like the intro, it was a great way to bookend his album.


As I mentioned in the track descriptions this is about atmosphere. I am a firm believer in effects and that they can make or break an album. He uses them to maximal "effect" (God, that was bad) and they drive the track. When you are immersed in what he is creating, countless melodies aren't needed as you already feel part of the listening experience. What he does, he does well. Powerful, vivid 4 on the floor psytrance. Want soaring goa melodies; take a look at his Screw Loose project. If I had one gripe it would be that there wasn't a lot of track evolution but even with that shortcoming he provided a great sense of movement. This was good psytrance with great attention to smooth transitions and the establishing of a mood. Even though he didn't reinvent the wheel this is a good first album and recommended.









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Dual something or other.

Dual Barrel - it's a project between Saša Dukić (Psilocybian/Mammal Footwork/Screw Loose) and Igor Čeranić (Perfect Blind/Deimos) and in my opinion, they're doing some great stuff ranging from downtempo to uptempo psytrance. Recently they released one downtempo tune on V/A Flutter. Here you can check out 9 tracks on their soundcloud.



Speaking of Wry Figments, i really enjoyed in it. Saša is doing music for a long time and Wry Figments is product of his hard work. In my opinion psytrance as it should be, and yeah cover artwork is also great :)

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For me this is one of the best releases this year.


+ 1


A solid, original full on album that intelligently avoids cliché's. Who would have guessed?!?

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