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Uth - Distant Instincts


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Artist: Uth

Title: Distant Instincts EP

Label: Neogoa

Date: December, 2010


1. Distant Instincts

2. Haze Of Reality

3. Reflections Of Consciousness

4. Levitating Flower


I have just returned from Christmas vacation (it was pretty lazy with lots of food) and over a foot of snow on the ground. At the beach. Read that again...there was more than a foot of snow at the beach. How the hell does that happen? Needless to say I really needed something warm to make up for the beach that I was missing. This was my reaction when I had my first listen to this EP:




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After my next few go arounds, I was more like this:




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This is Alex Lytvyn from Toronto, Canada and I was fortunate enough to hear some of his downtempo work before this came out. He has immense talent and his tracks ooze feeling and emotion. Did you know he can craft a rather kick-ass goa trance stomper as well? He offered it here on the Psynews forums a little while ago and you may still be able to grab it. While it is good, his downtempo project is the jewel in his crown. Mellow, smooth, and absolutely mystical sounding. For starters, look at that f*cking cover...brilliant. Beautiful to look at and not just a little reminiscent of the Filteria artwork. You can get this for free at Ektoplazm.


Distant Instincts- "At night I close my eyes and I try to imagine I am floating up, up and away."


The dawn arrives slowly without much fanfare, when a breakbeat pops and a deep bass rumbles with a heavy step. Waves crash with thunderous power against the shore as shimmering synths dance lithely above. A sad melody drones amidst sunlight percussion and we are in full float mode. This must be what it feels like to walk on a cloud.


Haze of Reality- Shivering breaths echo as a flute wails mournfully while pads hum below twinkling tones. Slow and steady with an ethereal piano melody that evokes nothing but the brightest sunshine. The break hears an undulating synth filtered ever so slowly and the beat is just so consistent. Bang, pow, boom. A perfect backdrop that allows the track to flower right before your ears.


Reflections of Consciousness- Birds chirp loudly as a monk chants to the mountains before another breakbeat drops. Percussive sounds echo and delay as a melody crawls slowly across the track. Mysticism reigns supreme as sunlight sparkles across K2 and then there is a key change which transforms the track from one of sorrow to one of hope for the future. It is excellently done without a hint of cheese. Synths skitter right to the end in a sublime groove.


Levitating Flower- Another dubby bouncing steady beat providing the foundation for melody creation. The synths "accelerate" as a group chant chimes in the background. This is a purely mellow exercise, as it changes direction while not losing any of its charm. I'll have another beer as I watch the sun dip below the horizon, thank you.


This was a tremendous EP. F*cking brilliant piece of work. What the hell is wrong with you Alex, giving this quality work away for free? You have deep tribal percussion and chants, bubbly, resonating bass, and sky-surfing melodies all with which to carry you away. This is the definition of a totally immersive listening experience as the sounds fit snugly together like puzzle pieces. So deep and detailed that it begs for repeated listens. So much so that even after multiple trips I still feel like this:




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It's free so even you hippies can afford it. Get it.



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