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Androcell: Entheomythic (Celestial Dragon CDREC-22)

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New Androcell album "Entheomythic" is scheduled for release December 10th. You can get CDs or digital downloads direct from me through the http://www.androcell.com website.


Every CD includes an "Entheomythic" promotional sticker inside.


For CD preorders or orders please contact me for more information via e-mail >> info (at) androcell (dot) com.

Please use "NEW ANDROCELL CD - PREORDER - [and the first 3 digits for your last name] as the subject of the email.


Preorders are also being accepted for uncompressed .wav digital download of the new Androcell album "Entheomythic".

Send $11 via yellow paypal donation button at http://www.androcell.com and receive your direct download link on December 10th, 2010.


Thanks!! :)

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i cant say that i dont love it, this style of music is rarely made and it does not really have much of attention since the ignorance towards traditional/ethnic/tribal/oriental music is really increasing, but i must say that the album is quite a lot affected by "distant system", and i am not spreading anti downtempo cheers here, but it just lacks of the magic of Efflorescence :(


something worth putting on a dj set, but not on a top 10er

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