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BBF present KAYA (Joti Sidhu, Kindzadza, Xenzodiak, Micro Scan vs Aloes...and more) Paris - 04/12/2010

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Saturday, december 4th, 2010

From 10pm to 12pm

- - - KAYA - - -

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> > > Line up :

Lives acts > > >

> > > JOTI SIDHU < < < (Special 1h30 fullon live set)
(Neurobiotic Rec / Uk)

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New Album >>> "Order to Chaos"

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It was Acid House in 1988 that got Joti hooked on electronic dance music. It was also the same year that he started djing in bars and clubs
around Brighton in the UK at the tender age of 17. His first international gig was in Paris in September 1990, at "Fort de Champigny"
with D-Shake and other headlining acts of the time. It was shortly after this that Joti embarked on the next natural step, making music.
Enter the Legendary Atari Computer, built in MIDI, rock solid timing and the original Steinberg Cubase Sequencing software. A marriage
that would take Jotis understanding of electronic music to a new level.
In 1992 he was taken under the wing of Dave Allen (most recognised
as Producer of The Cure from 1985) and Andy Wright (Production on Massive Attack, Dave Stuart, Eurythymics) working as a programmer and given
the job title "Groove Consultant", he worked with various acts such as Gianna Nannini , The Commitments, The Human League (Producer Mark "Spike" Stent).
Programming sessions in top studios such as The Hit Factory, Rak and Olympic to name but a few. Around this time he started getting seriously
into the london underground party scene and eventually one day with friends in 1993 found himself at an exclusive outdoor party at a remote
quarry in West London, put on by a record company called Dragonfly.
This was where Joti first got his taste of the Psychedelic sound.
Mike Maguire(Juno Reactor) and Serge Souque(Total Eclipse, Antidote) were doing their legendary dj double act and Joti was hooked. Here he met
Dino Psaras and Steve Ronan. They went straight to Jotis studio after the party and Ayahuasca was born!!! The first releases of Ayahuasca
were on "A Concept in Dance", XL Records, one of the first Psytrance compilations. Ayahuasca also released on Dragonfly Records and followed up
these releases with a remix of Paul Oakenfolds "Rise" on Perfecto Records. After leaving Ayahuasca Joti started his solo act PSYCHAOS,
(which was the first time anyone used the PSY term in the scene), whose first legendary release Psychaos "Psychaos" was on the second
Concept in Dance entitled "Tribal Science" released in 1995. This was when his sound and Psychaos became extremely popular around the globe
playing at weird and wonderful places from Guadeloupe, French Caribbean, to Nevada Deserts "The Burning Man Festival", from Castles in France and
Yugoslavia, Ancient Ruins in Greece, Mount Fuji in Japan, to Expo Portugal in Lisbon, Summer ski resorts in the mountains of Switzerland to the clubby
well trodden winter circuits of Europe and quite a few places in between.
In 1998, with the setting up of Atomic Records in Brighton UK, and Psychaos as its first release, Joti soon became one of the top selling acts, and
has certainly carved his distinctive style into the music and the scene, releasing such tracks as ; "Intellect" (TIP), "Perception of Reality" (ACID),
"Chaos to Order" (Transient), "Creative Anomaly" (Atomic) to name but a few.
Joti also enjoys collaborating with other artists and friends with tracks such as ; "Science Fiction" with Ben Watkins (Juno Reaktor, 'The Matrix'),
"Outer Breath" Aztec (Atomic), "1000 Planets" with Paul Jackson (Dragonfly), "Dodgy Connection" with Tim Schuldt. To name afew of the oldies...
In 1999 Joti released his solo album Psychaos "Cause and Effect" on Atomic records. This was followed by a string of releases such as the "Techno Logical" 12"
and "Docklands State of Mind Vol2" (Docklands Records, Sweden), "Creative Anomaly" on Kiss The Future (Atomic Records).
After the closing of Atomic Records late
2001 Joti started working closer with Neurobioic Records, Italy, managed and owned by Dj Edoardo Marvaso. In the last few years Joti has "put himself back to school",
redefined his sound and technique and dropped the PSYCHAOS name as the whole PSY thing seemed to be wearing thin....he finished his second album ,
which sees joti taking a cleaner slicker production line under the guise of "JOTI SIDHU" calling the album "PUNKTUATOR" and the release being on Neurobiotic
records in 2003. Since 2006 Joti has left the UK and has moved to Ibiza.....which has seen another change in direction. Now Joti has finished another album,
JOTI SIDHU - "NEW SENSATIONS". Which features 8 tracks and two bonus remix tracks by Shanti Matkin and PTX (Patrick Chen). Keep your eyes and ears peeled
for his distinctive sound and killer dj sets. If you haven`t caught him yet..........where have you been...for the last 12 years!!!!?????......


> > > KINDZADZA < < < (Psyk live set)
(Parvati Rec & Osom Music Rec- Ru)

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New album >>> "Insoluble"

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Leo aka Kindzadza was born in Russia, Moscow. The exact time is not yet known by scientists. Little Leo really enjoyed to take
clocks and watches apart. When he got bored of that, he began to build computers. Once he found out that computers can make nice sounds.
Later he came to Goa India, met with full power and learned how things are organized in time and space. Since that time he has been creating
psychedelic trance for powerfull dancing. He thinks that the dance is the most available way to reach harmony with inner and outer space,
proved to be true by centuries. Throughout the path his soulfriends enriched and delighted his experience, among them are granma, Murzik*,
Vlad CPC, Jaffa and Monno Grapes Of Wrath, Alex and Zolod Parasense, Vasya Psycovski, his big family and everything that is around.


> > > XENDOZIAK < < < (Fullon live set)
(Parvati Rec & Osom Music Rec- Ru)

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Xenzodiak (a.k.a. Albert Xenzo) hails from Lisbon (Portugal). He has been involved in music since he was 13 years old by playing bass and drums.
Always around funk, jazz and metal music, Xenzo was playing in jam sessions until he discovered the Trance / Full-on scene back in 1997.
After the first album he choose to add more groovy and dance floor vibe to the productions resulting in a hard groove yet still melodic
and vibrant making him one of the Top portuguese Live Act. From Japan to Brasil this artist as showed his value getting people to ear
something diferent. His music can be described as storming full-on, by its full-on grooves and twisted sounds and melodies. Xenzodiak
has played at numerous parties alongside known national and international artists. Watch out for this talent. ''quoting Anestis
by Medusa-Records The debut album XENZODIAK - HARMONIC MOON is OUT AGAIN by Medusa-Records!! !!!Ep out SOON by D-Djance Records!!!
'My ultimate goal is to be able to make people dance with their minds and go back to childhood''


> > > MICRO SCAN VS ALOES < < < (Fullon Live set)
(Geomagnetictv - Avigmatic Rec / Fr)

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Micro Scan new album >>> "Yes we Scan"

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Aloes debut album (coming soon) >>> "The Fourth Parallel"

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Microscan was one of the best kept secrets in France but now the mystery has been revealed! All the reviewers, critics and fans
alike have been Raving about this project. Instant and massive dance floor appeal has driven their music to the leading DJs prime picks!
Tutored by some of the best producers in the world, this amazing duo never ceases to bring massive euphoria to every dance floor that
experiences their gigantic sound. 'Uplifting! Driving! Euphoric!
And we have the chance to booked the solo project of Fred one of the members of Micro Scan, a new powerfull and psychedelik project!!!


> > > DIGITAL SOUND PROJECT < < < (Fullon live set)
(Mind Control Rec - Geomagnetictv - ElectrOhm / Fr)

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Digital Sound Project debut album (coming soon) >>> "System failure"

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Digital Sound Project is a french project composed of two friends.
On the first hand, Benjamin Youla (Dj Ben-j), born in Nantes in France in 1980 from a guinean father and a french mother. Influenced
by his culture, he started to play percussions at the age of thirteen years old, two years later his brother, a Trance Dj, made him
discovered electronic music and it's been like a revelation. He bought his own turntables, a synthetizer and started to work with passion
in this way. As he improved his masterness and knowledge of deejaying, he made the crew of « Electro system » wanting to open their doors
to his talent and made him able to play his music on the most important parties of Paris and in some of the biggest french cities.Dj Ben-j
became quickly one of the best french Dj due to his powerfull sets full of inspirations and a real rare presence on the stage that
turned the floors on.That's in this context that he met Talamasca (Dj Lestat) and Dj Yuman and created together the « Three Gorillaz Sming »
crew, after what he invest up himself in music producing.
On the second hand, Mickael Loriot (Dj Jakson), born in Le Mans in France in 1982, Dj since he's twenty, he improved his art througt different
styles of musics as Techno, Trance, Hardhouse or Hard tek for four years after what he invest himself with succes in Psy-Trance « fullon »
with the help of the french party promoting crew « ElectrOhm » that he's been one of the creator. It made him able to grew up clearly as one
the most rising value of the french scene where he's been sharing the stage with artists such as Oforia, XSI, Hujaboy, Phatmatix, Scorb,
Tegma and many more!
From these two journeys is born a met, a strong friendship, a common project... Digital Sound Project
That's in 2007 that this project comes on as a melt of groovy rythms and strong melodies. A year later only, they were already make the
enthousiastic public move on their first official performance during the « Digital Harmonium » party where they shared the stage with Sub6,
Headroom, Shift, Silicon Sound...
Then the next step comes on now with a complete album ready to be released...
Like its two creator Digital Sound Project is on the road of succes and is already becoming a most wanted value for all the Psy-Trance scene.
The story just begin so keep on paying attention to them, the best is coming...


Dj sets > > >

> > > THOMAS AKA VOYAGER < < < (Progressive set)
(Neurobiotic Rec / Fr)

Voyager is the trance project of Thomas Dubreuil, french composer, producer and sound designer born in Paris.
After years touring and playing in major events around the globe, two successfull albums, two compilations and numerous tracks released
under ALTOM, Thomas started two solo projects : a psytrance/full-on project called Voyager, and a project called Ocean, more oriented towards
electro and progressive trance. In parallel, he's still doing sound design and music for TV and commercials, and produces music for a few artists
and singers.
Voyager is a psychedelic blend of trance, techno, progressive, pop and world music, with beautifull and emotional melodies : techno music,
with feeling...


> > > DRISS VS DRISS AKA LITTLE FREEMAN < < < (Fullon set)
(Hadra Rec & BBF / Fr & Ma)

Since 1993 Driss, from Moroccan origin, lives in Grenoble, the city where he discovered electronic music in clubs 10 years ago. After manifesting
some interest for many currents of this musical style (House, Techno, Hardcore), he found out Goatrance suited him the best. The discovery of this
contemporary music fusing tribal references with an electronic present and, at the same time, referring to ancient musical roots, like these of the
ancestral Aissaouas Moroccan tribe to which, he is dearly attached, was a revelation. Since then, his passion made him travel from parties to festivals,
in France and abroad (Switzerland, Portugal, Morocco, Zambia…). Driss enormously enjoyed the psychedelic properties of goatrance as well as the numerous
encounters it leads to.
That is how he participated to the adventure of the organisation “Spiritual Freequencies”, promoting a dozen of parties with artists such as Goblin,
Shiva Jorg, Lestat or Mael. This experience allowed him to get to know the public from Isere through his presence in front and behind the decks.
As the originator and president of the Hadra organisation in Grenoble, all his efforts are directed towards the promotion of psychedelic trance in France
and more precisely in the Rhone-Alpes region. Throughout the organisation of several regular events gathering an average of 800 persons at each edition,
Hadra’s aim has always been to coordinate events characterised by a unique combination of local, national and international artists such as Absolum,
Dynamic, Rinkadink, Jaia, Jahbo or again Triskell in a psychedelic environment and an affectionate atmosphere especially created for participants
becoming more and more devoted.
For this party he will give an extra dj set with his friend Driss aka Little freeman, the wellknow dj and promoter from BBF.


> > > BEN-J VS JAKSON < < <
(Fullon set)
(Mind Control Rec - Geomagnetictv - ElectrOhm / Fr)

> > > PSYSREK VS SHADOWLIGHT < < < (Fullon set)
(Maninkari Crew / Fr)

> > > JOKER < < < (Fullonset)
(BBF Project / Fr)

> > > ZORGLU B < < < (Progressive set)
(Bonux Rec / Fr)

> > > Technic :
20 Kw Sound System
& Multi Lazer and Lights Show

> > > Deco :
Organik Garden vs Megalithes / Fr

> > > Visuels :
Francesco / Aliegena Prod[/b]

Cool bar / free breakfast

Parking / cool security

On the door : 25 €

Presales (soon): 20 €

Shop >>> Techno Import :
18 rue des Thaillandiers 75011 Paris M° Bastille

Online >>> Weezevent :

Infos - Accreditations stands :

Infoline : 06 14 07 51 21

Soirée 100% confirmée

Attention sur la route – Prenez soin de vous
L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé

:D :D :D

La Team BBF



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