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Psybotik, Hikari & tekno*feel*ya Presents Giant Mechanical Spiders II


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New information has come to light…the Giant Mechanical Spiders are moving fast and will arrive a day earlier than expected. Secondly their target has shifted…Manhattan is now in danger. HIKARI has joined crew and relocated the mischief to a secret location in Manhattan on the 29th of October.

front scaled_web.jpg

Join the List and Get Tickets at http://www.psybotik.com

To RSVP for location and/or to join the list, please send your name to hikariproduction@gmail.com

Early Bird Tickets ONLY $10 til Oct 11th!! $15 til Oct 25th while supplies last

The line up is complete and this year the PSYBOTIK crew teams up with HIKARI & TEKNO*FEEL*YA and nominated WITCH DOKTOR, FULL CIRCLE’s seasoned psy shaman from the mountains of Northern California to lead the fight. AERODROMME and SHANKAR join the pack with some of the freshest sound coming out of the Toronto chapter of TRIBAL VISION. From the Northeast we’ve got 2to6 RECORDS’ UNWASHED TOMATOES and PROGRESS from ANTISHANTI representing the darkness while AURICULA from BACTERIA RECORDS & GAVIN of SPECTRA bring us that full body techno sound. Of course the electro guru for the night will be DISORIENT’s ARROW CHROME...all this incredible talent all hailing from New York City. Philadelphia lends us the one and only KARMAKANIK from GAIAN MIND and Boston brings top notch skill with TYRANT aka DAVE DITTMER.

This will be a night full of fresh dance music and dazzling eye candy! Coming from local production crews as well as one of the top internationally acclaimed dance music DJ, Producer and Organizer, KNO-B, the journey begins here as a new collaboration is brought together to fill the atmosphere with hyped vibes, and new cutting edge electronic dance music. We give you a blend that will grow throughout the night, and will shift as your eyes flow over the presented art installations.

The Giant Mechanical Spiders have been programmed to weave webs of fear and despair this Halloween…but we won't let it happen! We will lure them into the most marvelous & maniacal corner of Manhattan and stand our ground with what they fear most
-Music, Dance and Vitality!

Psybotik, Hikari & tekno*feel*ya are looking for more spirited hunters to join us! Invite everyone you know and wear your most unfathomable costumes!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=155300854484008


Are Proud to Present


Friday 10-29-2010



AERODRöMME *LIVE SET* (Tribal Vision Records) – Toronto

Aerodrömme, a vibrant fresh Canadian act, was created by Boris "Shankar" Kurtzman and Steve Chan. The two members share strong passion for music. Steve Chan comes from a Hard-Trance/Full On Psy world, with his experimental project Nexus 7; while Boris Shankar arrives from a Progressive/Techno scene as a successful DJ for Tribal Vision Records. Aerodrömme's sound can be described as a blend of progressive house and techno, with elements of progressive trance and electro. Within a year of its existence, Aerodrömme has released music on such prominent labels as Blue Tunes Records, Tribal Vision, Teggno Records; Plusquam, Airsnare and Echoplast Digital.




SHANKAR (Tribal Vision Records) – Toronto

Shankar started to DJ deep house in 1999. After discovering Goa Trance sound in 2002, he decided to change his style. His journey through psychedelic music took him from full-on psy trance through dark psy to a morning sound of Progressive Trance. Today Shankar plays Progressive House and Trance with elements of Electro and Psy. Shankar is also a co-founder of Shakti Collective, a Toronto-based group devoted to promotion of quality progressive and psy sounds. Shankar performed around the globe. From Copenhagen to New York, from Prague to Montreal, he managed to shake and rock the dancefloors. Shankar has also performed at Fusion Festival (Germany), Eclipse Festival (Canada), and shared stage with acts such as D Nox, Beckers, Juno Reactor, Perfect Stranger, Shpongle/Hallucinogen, GMS, Fitalic, POTS, Tegma, Vibrasphere, Antix, Atmos. Shankar is now one-half of the new duo-project Aerodrömme.

*DJ SET* (Full Circle / Phoenix Family) - Ukiah, California

The Wichdokta began DJing in '96 and formed the FULL CIRCLE COLLECTIVE in Mendocino County, California. In '97 he began throwing the infamous gathering called "GEMINI" that started on the majestic Eel River and is now doing the Audio Corraboree Campouts. In '2000 he met up with Dr. Spook, Alex (Shanti) and Random to create the loving PHOENIX FAMILY COLLECTIVE. He also runs the sound company FULL CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS. As a promoter and gathering thrower, he knows what gets the people going. The Wichdokta's sets are something of a spectacle to witness, his amazing energy and music go hand in hand to give you the ride of your life on the dancefloor. Hailed as one of the top DJ'S in the United States, he has played with the best in the industry; Neuromotor, Rastaliens, Shotu, Unkle Dunkle, Lamat, Stranger, Astranivo, Dado, X-Dream, Chromatone, Random, Mubali, Phatmatix, Hux Flux, Mechanikka, SouthWild, Dual Core, Vibrasphere, Alien Project, Mr. Peculiar, Miraculix, Lemurians, Devient Species, Scorb, CPU, Sirius Issness, Earthling, Xenomorph, Highko and many many more.

*LIVE & DJ SET* (2to6 Records) - NYC

Unwashed Tomato is a collaborative psytrance production initiative started by Andy Aylward and David Mostoller in late 2006. Our main focus is creating an intensely psychedelic, groovy experience which is at once quirky and powerful, containing motifs from many musical traditions. Close attention is given to producing a complex yet cohesive sound while maintaining a clean and dynamic mix.

Since the summer of 2008, the project has expanded to include frequent appearances by Rod O'Connor, whose unique sensibilities have contributed new elements to the project.

Dave and Andy are also the founders and managers of Unwashed Records.

Affiliations: 2to6 Records, D-A-R-K Records, Unwashed Records, Xtream Dimension Records, Wild Seven Recordz, Anomalistic Records.


*LIVE* (AntiShanti Records) – NYC

PROGRESS, the project of Yuriy Vaskevich, is an evolution of sound that brings a world of fantasy and imagination to its listeners. Based in New York City, an energetic hub, the music is a reflection of its physical origin as well as the mental evolution of its composer. With a strong foundation in classic music, mainly of piano and guitar and a post-modern ambition, the sound is both organic and electronic. The project began in the late 1990s with an exploration of personal identity and experimentation with various styles of electronic music. Today, PROGRESS, ranges in style from psychedelic trance, ambient and chill-out, to avant-garde and experimental. Having played at several live venues in the United States and written film scores, PROGRESS has a rapidly growing acclaim. As the name implies, the music is always progressing with the common denominator being its inspiring melodies and a strong tendency to take its listeners on a colorful journey.

Artist Website: www.iprogress.us Label Website: www.antishantirecords.com

KARMAKANIK (Gaian Mind / PS1 / Coalesce) - Philadelphia

Mastermind behind the legendary PSI parties and the Coalesce festival, Pat has rocked dance floors across the country with his signature blend of auditory stimulation. His sets are known to span a wide range of contemporary electronic dance music, from harder edged twilight psytrance to progressive electro tech house. Pat’s versatility, effortless mixing technique, and energetic track selection have combined to make him a crowd favorite. Smooth yet crunchy, raw yet refined, psychedelicious and immensely satisfying. The Sound of the Philly Underground!

TYRANT (Sonic Beating) - Boston

Dave Dittmer, better known as Tyrant, is a resident DJ for Sonic Beating's long-running Psyforia parties in Boston, as well as for the crew's events at Rise nightclub. Intense psytrance and throbbing techno are the essential elements of his style. An experienced DJ with performances alongside Hallucinogen/Shpongle, Logic Bomb, Perfect Stranger, Beats Antique, Shane Gobi, Atmos, Bluetech, and more of the world's finest artists, Tyrant's beats and mixes will always hit you the right way. Although he's dedicated to DJing, Tyrant's higher priority is supporting the electronic dance music community, which he's been doing for the past 10 years in the Northeast by organizing events for all styles of EDM.

ARROW CHROME (Disorient) - NYC

Arrow Chrome is a cutting edge, NYC based DJ, who’s special mix of hard hitting, high energy, electro, house and breaks has earned him a loyal following and made him one of the headlining DJs of several of NYC’s party scenes. Arrow, who has been DJing at Burning Man since 1998, is one of the primary DJs of Disorient, a Burning Man/New York City arts and events collective, with whom he has DJ’ed since 2001. Arrow, has been a DJ and organizer of NYC underground party culture for over 12 years, is known for his fun and electrifying performances that leave no foot unmoved and no bootie unshaken, and for his signature, sold out, boat party adventures.


Kno-B has been involved in the music scene since the early 90's, when he discovered the art of psychoacoustics & the sound of electronic music. In the late 90's he started to play psytrance along side of the very founders of the genre itself. Not limited to being in various live bands at the same time also. Ever since then Kno-B has been known as one of the greatest international dj's and producers in the genre of our time.

Kno-B's sound will shift and take your mind for a race. No one comes close to his style of mixing, which has been called by many "the live mix" as he mixes new tracks every three to four minutes without you ever noticing, that way keeping you on the dance floor for hours at the time. Kno-B's style has been called new and brilliant as it's something you've never experienced before. Besides being one of the top industry dj's, he is also working on various new projects that will be released in the near future. You can expect one of his cutting - edge, grand sound sets, that he's known for all around the globe.

AURICULA aka Third Ear Syndrome *LIVE/DJ* - (Bacteria Records) - NYC

This is the alias of the production duo better known as Third Ear Syndrome that focuses in the techno spectrum of electronic music. Their sound is full on hard and dark, and with their signature psychedelic twist, is perfect for the peak hours of the night. Their laptop' less hardware oriented half dj set, half live show is high energy and showcases some of the duos production skills. From little dark rooms in Brooklyn to the last four ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL's in Miami as Third Ear Syndrome they have moved people with their sets full of accents and exclamation points. Formed in Miami by Ramses Santos and Luis D. Gonzalez, both originally hail from Puerto Rico. Now based out of New York City, they have established a solid following with their appealing and aggressive sound.



(Spectra, Positive Pressure) - NYC

Gavin has been involved in dance music since he organized his first party and started DJing in 1998. From the first Spectra parties in New York to his involvement as a DJ in the international scene, the consistent element has always been forward thinking music. Avoiding genre classifications is essential to Gavin's sound. Expect funky, intelligent music mixed with precision and a natural feel for the dance floor. Festival and club gigs have taken Gavin all over the globe. Notable stops include performances in Brazil, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Zurich, Geneva, Cologne, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Croatia. North American appearances include Cancun, Vancouver, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, and many more. Gavin is an artist who loves what he does and takes both pride and pleasure in sharing what he considers to be the most innovative music around.

(Psybotik/Coalesce/tekno*feel*ya) - NYC

Electrik is the founder of the Psybotik parties in New York City, catering to an exotic audience with fashion, fire and cutting edge electronic music. His style is dynamic but typically focuses on high energy dance music with psychedelic roots. Representing up and down the eastern seaboard as well as coast to coast in the US, as well as internationally in Japan. Sullivan Room, Tavern on The Green, Exit, Public Assembly, Burning Man, Coalesce, Equinox, Synchronize, Desiderata, Orb, San Sabastian in Puerto Rico, Rockwest in Tokyo...are just a few of the places you may have caught one of his astounding performances.

MESSENGER PARTICLE (Psybotik/Coalesce/tekno*feel*ya) - NYC

I'm a creator of underground, eclectic, esoteric and awesome parties. A veteran of the New York City Psytrance Culture. My first parties were the bridge parties.

Dancing to Psychadelic trance creates a synaesthesia. In your mind, your dancing adds an additional dimension to the music, creating a gestalt an entity greater then the two. I'll create a wire-frame for you to stretch your mind across. You do the rest.

(Psybotik/Spectra/Coalesce/tekno*feel*ya) - NYC

DJ, academic, and global neuronaut, Mayur has been dedicated to the NYC underground for several years. Opening for such acts as Atmos in Japan, Son Kite in Morocco, and headlining with acts such as Dijital Talk in San Francisco; there seems theres no place Mayur hasn't been! Starting about a decade ago with Spectra Productions, Mayur has since then focused his valiant efforts organizing exceptional events with Psybotik. So far this year has had a barrage of dance throbbing sets coming to you almost every weekend if you're lucky. Stay tuned for his next appearance!

Performance and Dance:

LUMINISIS aka ERIN & MASAE (Colorful Artist) - NYC

Co-Founder, director and choreographer of the fire dance troupe Luminisis, Masae Satouchi performs fire and Tribal belly dancing and burlesque with a passion for creation and signature style. Her venues have ranged from the United Nations, theaters and clubs to festivals such as Burning Man and Amami solar eclipse Music festival in Japan. She has produced and directed four shows unifying diverse styles of art, fashion and dance through her own unique vision of color and beauty. Underlying the charisma that Masae brings to every performance is a style of dance in which her body movements are strictly in harmony with the music. An evolving and dynamic artist, Masae’s goal is to bring color and joy to the World.

Erin has been playing with fire for over ten years. She lit up the first night that she ever laid her hands on a pair of poi and has been a fire addict ever since, performing and playing whenever and wherever she goes. She has also been a practicing ninja since 2004 and is an assistant instructor at the Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo.

VICTOR (Psybotik) - NYC

As an artist and performer Victor's goal is to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience. He presents a vision and viewing of entertainment to its fullest. Mastering the dangerous element of fire and overcoming physical and mental boundaries he creates a form of living art with his body. His passion is fire and dance. Using dark tribal movements and one of a kind fire shows you never know how intense the experience will be.

Immersive Video By:

VJ NOVA (Dawn of Man) - NYC

NOVA is an experimental filmmaker from Colorado who now lives in Brooklyn. As co-founder of Dawn of Man Productions, NOVA works every day to create original psychedelic, abstract, and live-action projections. His work has been seen all over NYC and on the playa. Check out www.dawnofman.com

ALCHEMISM (Psybotik)

KoD3000 (Bacteria Records, ORL)

and more

Deco & Sound:


Friday 10-29-2010

10pm – 8am

*SECRET* Location in Manhattan To Be Revealed the week before the party (we’ll give you a hint, it’s near the Manhattan Bridge)…You must RSVP or Join the Email List to get the address, even if you purchase advance tickets at http://www.psybotik.com you still need to send an email to hikariproduction@gmail.com to get the exact location.

$10 Presale until Oct 11th while supplies last

$15 Presale until Oct 25th while supplies last

$25 Before Midnight

$30 After Midnight

***Impressive Costumes $5 Off Door ***

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