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DJ Nutz - Psychology (Full On Psy)

DJ Nutz

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DJ Nutz - Psychology Full On Psytrance Mix


1 - Psylocybe Project - Changed Forever

2 - Exaile - Radio Edit

3 - Gataka - Out Of My Head

4 - Psilocybe Project - Seperation Anxiety

5 - Exaile - Hit The Machine

6 - Gataka - Spiritual Level **

7 - Cyrus The Virus - The Gathering

8 - Eskimo - My Rave **

9 - Artsense vs Synsun - Mushroom Cocktail **

10 - Exaile - Demo

11 - Exaile - Tied Up

12 - RAZ - Randomized

13 - RAZ - Dismental**


Download Here ----> http://soundcloud.com/dj-nuts/dj-nuts-psychology


Hey guys i'm new here at psynews, looks like a very good site for psytrance and I am one psytrance junky. Check out my mix! I put astrix next to the tracks and mixes i really like. In the works on my next mix, gonna be a bit darker but still full on and not dark psy (not like there is anything wrong with dark psy I just don't like spinning it).

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