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Yotopia - Dark Terminal EP


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Artist: Yotopia

Title: Dark Terminal EP

Label: Echoes Records

Date: August, 2010


1. Dark Terminal

2. Dark Terminal (Andrea Bertolini mix)

3. Dark Terminal (Fusi & Johnson remix)



Yotopia is Yonatan (Yoni) Rimon & Tomer Dayan and they had a strong showing on their 2nd album Connect The Dots. They have also appeared on a lot of compilations usually with quality results. This EP is released by Echoes records and it has a housey feel to it. It is composed of the original track and 2 remixes.


The first track is a mid tempo groove with a crystal clear kick. Fluttering string sounds and delicate tones surround the ears. The mood is eerie and I get the feeling I am on my own. The rhythm is nice. Nothing groundbreaking, but a good romp nonetheless.


First remix and I am surprised that with a name like Andrea this is a dude. Guess that is a popular name in Italy. He seems to have been in the game for quite some time residing in the house arena. This is progressive trance track with some house undertones and it isn't dramatically different from the original. That frustrates me as I don't really want to hear a clone of the original.


This is Thomas Johanson & Fabio Fusco and they have made the rounds on numerous compilations. This definitely has a house feel with an annoying piano note that runs through the track. It's a short staccato sound so it isn't so terrible...that is until they start playing with effects to stretch it out and manipulate it. I can pass on this


So what is inside is a pretty good progressive trance track and then some house remixes that don't come close to the originals goodness. Definitely short on variety and there really wasn't anything in the remixes to make this interesting. I would say that unless you are a house junkie then you can pass on this.





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