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Give me your darkest darkpsy

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forget my last post, this is much harder psy    

Xenomorph - Qlippoth (2003.) // 06. Shaari Avadon Discogs Terminator - Spirits Of The Plants (2005.) // 05. Triping Point Discogs

C'mon guys what happened to give me your darkest darkspy. I wanna be terrorised like only the Taliban can on a good night. Darkspyterrorcore ftw . My speakers are ready to pop their cherry. Hell, I even wanna hear your darkest twilight, Suomi Salami I don't care as long as it makes me shiver. Wasn't that the actual thread BTW. Man this is gettin' silly.


twilight: Shift kills it!





Don't give me no lip son!


That's one of my all-time favorites. Excellent track.

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Add psy tekk/tech trance and that'd be comeplete sortof


I would say psy tekk and psygressive would fall in the middle of progressive and experimental. Why not think about all these categories as sort of Venn Diagrams that cross over instead of specific categories? There are plenty of progressive/full-on tracks, and plenty of twilight/darkpsy crossovers, as well as goa/full-on and so forth. Perhaps psybreaks falls directly under experimental.
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hmm no... I also happen to have been in the scene for many many years and seen the "dark sound" develop. As far as I can tell, the first dark psy (I mean, for what is called today the dark psy subgenre) artists to come to the scene were Parasense. Of course, you can find many other artists who were also dark and who have obviously inspired the sound (The Delta, Battle of the Future Buddhas... hell, I even remember the days when the darkest thing to hit the scene was Hallucinogen's The Lone Deranger ;) ). Anyway, there are all dark... but NOT dark psy ;)


Yes Parasense is dark psy while the others are Goa. I can agree with that in the way everybody tends to differentiate between the artists mentioned here. But the ideas all came from Goa right? for me psy and goa are the same and i like to refer to them both as psychedelic music , so if something is dark it isnt dark goa but dark psy. but as far as standard definitions that we are used to , to differentiate between the old and the new sound , you are partly correct.


IMO hallucinogen wasn't as dark as sandman and cydonia therefore for me it started with the latter.

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Yasca - Sychotria



It's a simple tune.... but is dark, and has a certain brooding atmosphere unlike anything I've ever heard. Maybe it's the forest sounds and hawks screeching...



Also: spooky, mystical flute melodies... very low, and very spiritual. THIS is the music of a shaman communing with the spirits...


Ayahuasca, anyone?

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Also, thanks for making this post! I've been meaning to dig up some more dark psytrance, both from the classic realm of it, and from the newer stuff, to try and assemble a nice diverse palette of sounds for livesets, and general listening... so... thanks, guys!


My upcoming DJ gigs are gonna be hella badass! >:D



On a final note, could you guys please recommend some good forest psy (whatever specific MAIN genre that falls under)? I like stuff that lurks around 143-148 bpm, with a really nice organic sound...


I dunno if this exactly falls into that category, but the MOOD is right.... Keep Going by Cosma... and Pirates Tale by Ocelot... those have a funky, organic, foresty feel, imo... if anyone out there can recommend more stuff that sounds a bit like that, I'd appreciate it!




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On 10/4/2010 at 10:55 PM, ion1zed said:

The latter one is the darker track of them. It's probably the only darkpsy track, that made me kneel down in front of my speakers, headbanging, just because it's so powerful.


Cuboid Atom - Mega Baffling


Heh! I just came across this thread literally 10 years to the date while searching for random darkpsy stuff on Google... 

Not sure if you still check your account, ion1zed, but this track is actually Antagon - 'Traumata'. The VA, for some reason, had the track listing all toPSY-turvy and in an incorrect order.

The section from 4:06 - 4:42 is utterly pummelling!


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Have listened to some of the examples in thread, I do not find very dark also most of it seems random noises thrown over kick/basslines (also too fast + "nervous"). Does not hold up well to other dark styles from the electronic music realm. Perhaps one of the reasons that people think "Psytrance is shit" or "Psytrance has no future"..when you tell em you like Psy but not the happy and trendy new stuff, then they google dark psy find this and think ohh well this is shit too :) 

Chiva Chandra ahem Cydonia not included I liked their stuff quite a bit..


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