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THE worst cover in psy history


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congratulations , you hate it! good on you mate! I love it :) You must have a problem with birds or something. What? You hate it because you can't fly?? Sorry man ... you're wingless.


Would you rather have this instead you cheap show off?




Celaripo the Basher , the ol' Good Dance Recordings suntripfan hater... let the games begin!! Even Afgin's logo looks like the fucking Akai Professional LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL



And btw nice try ain't working here mate... maybe next time . :D


Now please insert your coin.

Oh that's right you just another jealous pip. pip pip pip bohooo who cares about you anyways.


'Please make sure you are wearing your seatbelt before takeoff' - Thank you for your co-operation . Enjoy shit airlines...



watch them seagulls mate they'll shit on your head big time.

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this one may be even worse not sure





anyway sure they are the worse i know in goa trance together with recent filipe santos covers even though they are totally different in style


da fuck is dat dragon ball fucking kamehameha??? fuckk offff thats lame...


hahaha my covers? i dont give two shits mate. i aint fuckin putting myself in it or is that what you want you superficial bastard? LOL

Celaripo is a mommas boy LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL

She bringing you all the meals to your desk and all that shit to you? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL

You're a pussy mate piss off.

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stop it guys. i get psiarrhea from these kinds of discussions.




It's some Explosive Diorama!






(note: I actually think the Secret Society cover is funny and approve of its silliness. It just fit within the context of the sequence of posts)

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