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Sibren Vegter - Full On (Morning Sound) DJ Set


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As a first post on this forum I'd like to share my dj-set with you.

Any comments or feedback are kindly appreciated :)


Title: Sibren Vegter - Full On

Length: 83:19

Quality: 320kbps

Equipment Used: 2x CDJ800 MK-2 and DJM600 Mixer



Flip Flop - Diamond in the Rough

Burn In Noise - Transparent

Man Machine - Seventh

Flip Flop - Floppy Drive

Ovnimoon & Via Axis - Galactic Mantra

Chameleon vs. Temporal Coding - Liquid Tachyon

Man Machine - Subatomic

Aphid Moon - Psydoc

Sonic Species - Lost Transmission

Flip Flop - Sonic Air

D-Tek And Mexican Trance Maffia - Apple Talk

Burn In Noise - Raca

Double Collision - Wake Up

Headroom - Deadroom

Aphid Moon - Go For Orbit

Burn In Noise - ERT



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