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In search for the most psychedelic track ever...


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electra still win over 20 years of psychedelic music?

come on, there is more stuff out there : ). And this comes from the etnica freak himself.


But this time i wanna diversify and i will go for:


KoxBox - Fuel On


is simply breathtaking for me and one of the most amazing psychedelic tracks out there.


Also, if i may suggest: this topic would be more interesting if any track was allowed ONCE so that everyone would have to say a different track and at the end we could have a list of what we think, all together, being the most psychedelic tracks of all times.

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I believe every psy freak could mention at least 5 titles they consider perfect from start to finish. Tracks you wouldn't want to change in any way.

Perhaps to still participate, one track on my 'perfect pie recepies' list:


Hux Flux - Time Slices (rmx)

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Psykovsky vs. Deja Vu Project - Only Love (We Will Take)




Bear in mind, that the video shows only half of the track, as the complete version is over 20 minutes long. Yet not a single second feels like wasted time. It's the sheer brilliance of the composition that lets the listener, who wants to challenge this track, embark on a journey through different soundscapes, places in your mind, like no other track does. Yes, it is challenging, but if you're in the mood to listen to it thoroughly, it's so rewarding that no other track comes even close to it. Make sure to listen to the full version, turn up the volume or use headphones (even better), tune in and have a nice trip.


thanks man for making me hear this! this is an awsome unique superb track! really really really good!Really!

I talked before about how ambient can be so psychedelic for me well this track tickels my "ambient knob" and my "psy trance knob" at the same time and some other knobs I didn't know the existence of :lol:

now my only question is:

are there more of these tracks? :ph34r:

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