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Radio Free Albemuth (Best Philip K Dick film coming soon w/ Alison Morriset)


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V.A.L.I.S. alien satellite broadcasting its "ultimate truth beam" into a night time United States.


For original full-res version go directly to:


Or see the nice PDF about the film with this and other pics at



An early "first draft" of the true story about his Dick's Gnostic "psychic vision"/"pink beam brain transmission" , later to be even more stunningly told in his VALIS trilogy, Philip K Dick himself is a character in "Radio Free Albemuth" which is complete (or nearly so) and should soon be in theaters as the most mind-blowing and authentic PKD film adaptation yet. It also features Alison Morriset as rock singer Sylvia, who may well save the world. (You may recall her brief but really brilliant and intense cameo as God in the film"DOGMA" a few years ago, which also featured George Carlin's final film appearance, among other notables. )


Official site.. many great photos... links to other media at sites that are pretty cool in themselves and where you can find alot of other content worth checking out... really nicely beautiful "Dark" & hip web page design.... great example how to do it well:





Best most in-depth article Ive seen about it, interview with director




Turns out both the director and star playing main character of the story (the record store clerk, not PKD) have PKD's birthday... a very good omen! Director says there were lots of happy accidents and coincidences, making him feel like the project was being watched over by benificent otherworldly forces.


Well I'm not surprised! There is so much PKD stuff around already and also in the works, I wonder if we are in fact all living in some virtual reality or after-death cryonic suspension mind-dream in the distant future from now belonging to someone who wished to be an SF author in our era (see UBIK, another PKD book currently in production). Perhaps we are ALL a part of HIS VR-dream! In UBIK the characters all start noticing weird inexplicable reality modifications referencing the name and life of this guy that is supposed to be dead, kinda like us and PKD now!


Also coming soon:

The Adjustment Bureau (September 17, starring Mat Damon)

Flow My Tears The Policeman Said

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