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Suntrip Records - Temple of Chaos

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Moonweed & Shakta, whats the story behind that track, is it an unreleased old track?


they collaborated on tracks back in the golden age, but this is new!

good on you fellas

cant believe it, your comps are getting better and better

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I had the privilege to hear the Filteria track twice already (thank god I live near Belgium!) and what a crazy track it is. Totally insane madness. The last time it was at the end of a party when Jos (Anoebis) ended his set trancy and everybody was chilled out by the nice tunes. But then he gave us Illogical Logic and everybody started to look at each other and said: wtf? But not long after that we all went freaking and dancing like crazy. I actually managed to hit myself during the dancing, which caused my glasses to fly through the air! During the air time I almost catched it two or three times before falling on the floor. Luckily nobody stepped into it :P Too bad there isn't any footage of that wonderful twisted moment!


Anyway on topic:


So looking forward to this album!

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Sounds promising.


Can we expect more of this in the future like "Temple of chaos part 2"? :rolleyes:

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when will this be out exactly : )? can't wait!

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We are delighted to annouce that our latest baby, "Temple of Chaos" is now available!


Get it in our shop in CD format. The digital format will follow shortly :)


Because it was meant to be a dual compilation, we also have a special bundle Energy Waves + Temple of Chaos for only 18 euros!!


Posted Image


Enjoy the music and we wish you a delightful summer!!!

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Wow has it really been 5 years?


One more and suntrip is as legendary a goa label as any. (hey and its not money keeping them around, us hippies don't get any of that stuff no way ;) )


What you guys do warms the heart,

I've been waiting for a CD like temple of chaos for a long time

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Both cover options are great. Samples are refreshing from what I'm generally used to from Suntrip. Several of the reasons why I love the Tandu - Multimoods album so much! The work here is more acidy, wild, dark, and driving a la V/A - People Walk Funny.


It's nice to see Khetzal back! :)

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I think the filteria track has his new devilfish in it

sounds great! :)


Iam not sure about the filteria track. its sounds cool, but the melodies does not so for me. its sounds so average. his older tracks have more unique melodies, than is newer material, i think. the same problem i have with khetzal, if i listen to his new track. hmmmm :(
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