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Bom Voyage - April 30, 2010 - Amsterdam

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Bom Voyage - Queensday 2010, Amsterdam



One day every year ..


.. a little bicycle passage in the heart of Amsterdam, hidden from view by

its edificial surrounding along the first yards of Singel canal, transformed

completely to host a colorful gathering of people, dancing under the Sun.

For more than ten years, this bridge at De Droogbak has served as the

location for one of Amsterdam's most reknowned free outdoorparties on

Queensday, the 30th of April.


Ever since the early days, many global artists and local heroes from the

psytrance scene have been lined up to add a note to the score and the

future will hear many more. At the start of the millennium, the original

crew that initiated this partycular event, passed the blazing orange torch

to Bom Voyage.


Since then, the following live acts and dj's have performed at De Droogbak:

Ace Ventura, Andromeda, Astragalus, Back to Mars, Bart Cruz & Catana,

Bassid, ccL, Danyel, Dica, D-Nox, Dj Doc, Dogo, Dr.Vinni, Ekanta, Fluoelf,

Frans & Mickey, Free King Jochie, Jocid, John Phantasm, Kuma, Leila,

Lunatic, Mad Contrabender, Maga, Mekkanikka, Mick Chaos, Odo, Patch

Bay, Poli, Psyderek, Ronald & Cosmic Steven, Sacid, Satyr, Seizure,

Shaktycat, Shawnodese, Taj Mahal, Tameesh, Tintal, Tristan, Troy, XP

Voodoo, Zen Mechanics, Zen and of course the Bom Voyage All Stars:

Immuun, Simplex & Sander.


In 2004, the party moved from its original location to continue on a square

across the water, a suitable spot to catch as much sunrays as possible

and unleash all absorbed energy. The event is organised in cooperation

with Centipede Productions and made possible with: support from a small

group of loyal sponsors, the magic hat (a true philantropic miracle), all the

helping hands of many friends, and all of the party people joining us from all

directions of the wind, who come down to start their season at our annual

outdoorparty, once again: on a square at De Droogbak.



.: Bom Voyage :.



2010 Line up



(Flying Rhino / UK / Oldskool Goa DJ set)


BIONIC (Cosmic Combination / NL / Live set)


BART (Namaste / NL / DJ set)


SUPERGROOVER (Bleep Bizarre / NL / DJ set)


SATYR (Forest of Eleusis / closing DJ set)



4D coordination


Friday April 30, 2010

from 12:00 till 21:00


De Droogbak, Amsterdam


one stone's throw west

of amsterdam central station


click here for an online map * marks the spot



Bom Voyage online

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Bom Voyage on Facebook


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