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VA - Nights Of Goa (GoaTrance.pl)

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Nights Of Goa

After weeks of tireless work we here at GoaTrance.pl are pleased to announce the first of two various artists albums. These two albums are available for free download and are crammed with modern day classics and exclusive tracks, only available on this Goa psychedelic trance album.

Featuring some of the best up and coming artists from the Goa trance world today we have hand picked each track, over the two albums to showcase what is hot in the trance scene at the moment. From twisted Psy rhythms to progressive Goa beats and bass lines rounded off with some home grown chill out, there is something for every trance head.

They will send you on a Psychedelic Journey, from having it big style in the club to chilling in your apartment First up with have "Nights Of Goa" which kicks off with the anthemic "Dreamers" by SatanicElectro and Cybernetika on into a fresh trip inducing Old school Goa track from Lost Disciple entitled "Spirit Mind" and moving seamlessly into the twisted harmonies of Yawning Masters’ "Disconnected City" and bringing you smoothly back to your pad with Waveparticle’s fresh chill joint "0,0,0,0" along your journey you will meet Trance pioneers like Imba & Nemesis who fight for bragging rights on the soon to be classic "One Small Step for Man". Cybernetika who’s latest Drum & Bass tinged anthem "Destroyer" will leave you begging for more & Spacer who's Goa grooves will jack your soul, along with loads of hidden gems from the likes of Argon Sphere, Mind Doctors make Acid, Inix, Shalys, C.Y.P.H.E.R., Psyentist and No Logic.

Nights Of Goa will have you dancing till dawn leaving you with an altered state of consciousness that can only fixed by our second installment a down tempo collection of grooves designed to ease the you back into your life which will be arriving shortly.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the Goa Psy and Chill trance artists who collaborated with us here at GoaTrance.pl on these albums.

Track list

  • Cybernetika vs. SatanicElectro - Dreamers 8:15
  • Lost Disciple - Spirit Mind 8:27
  • Yawning Master - Disconnected City 7:06
  • Inix - Drunkenalien 6:54
  • Argon Sphere - Undefined Emotional Frequencies 7:25
  • Mind Doctors Make Acid - Era 8:36
  • Spacer - Insectum (Hmyzoidum) 6:16
  • Shalys - Highside 8:26
  • C.Y.P.H.E.R. - Manipulated 9:27
  • Psyentist - Phren 5:11
  • No Logic - Lost Spirit 8:46
  • Imba vs. Nemesis - One Small Step for Man 7:02
  • Cybernetika - Destroyer 7:31
  • Waveparticle - o,o,o,o 5:17

VA - Nights Of Goa - free download

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I understand you guys can't probably afford much of a bandwidth but 30kb/s cap? This is gonna take a few hours...


Well. Just wait until your friend finished downloading :)

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happy to hear more free releases are comin' round. thanks for sharing the music!

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