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HAITI APPEAL PROJECT CD :: Release date 16/04/10 ! Pre-Orders NOW being taken

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Digital Release date: 09 April 2010

Physical Release date: 16 April 2010


To hear samples of each of the tracks and to PRE ORDER yours now please see: HAITI APPEAL PROJECT WEBSITE


Haiti Appeal Project has been put together by a global community of like-minded electronic music lovers. With this single cause in mind they have pulled together a stunning array of groundbreaking music from the best artists in each genre and are releasing a triple CD ‘Haiti Appeal Project’ spanning techno, trance and down-tempo electronica. For a mere 5 minutes of your life and the cost of a round of drinks you could be contributing to a new school or hospital in devastated Haiti.

Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake on 12th January 2010 which killed over 230,000 people and has left many more displaced who are currently living in tented shanty towns. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. Many people have made contributions towards the relief event; however Haiti Appeal Project would like to emphasise that the island still needs our help, and the Haitians should not be forgotten, especially as they approach the rainy season.


The triple CD will feature mostly exclusive and previously unreleased material. There is also a digital download bundle collection of 38 tracks and 3 exclusive mixes by Gaudi, Shane Gobi & FØRM (Ans & Allaby).

The CDs are available to download for just £12.99 from all normal online digital outlets such as Beatport and iTunes with all proceeds going towards the DEC for Haiti Appeal Project. The digital download will be available 9th April 2010 and the physical CD released 16th April, 2010.


We are now taking PRE - ORDERS for this physical CD. We will be printing a limited edition 1000 and expect this to sell out very quickly. We will be also selling CDs at the London Launch event HERE:: So do expect them to go FAST !!! Get yours now to avoid disappointment!!!


Please buy it! And when you do please do not give the music to other people as that would literally be taking food out of mouths.. get them to buy it too! We're hoping that each of you will pass on this message; get your friends to buy this and pass the message on and so on. Please. It will take 5 minutes of your life and the cost of a round of drinks and if we all do this then we could end up building a school or a hospital or even more.




Triple CD track listing:




1. Entheogenic – Body Of Light (Sophia Mix)

2. Alan Parsons (feat. Shpongle, Dave Gilmour)- Return To Tunguska

3. HoeHLE – Digital Cave

4. Friends Electric – Pondlife

5. The Wave Farmers – Playful Waves

6. Resonant Dawn – In This Moment

7. KiloWatts – Remembering Spring

8. Zen Lemonade vs System 7 – Dream Me A River ( Arc of Darkness Dub Mix)

9. 1 Giant Leap – Ta Moko

10. Antonio Testa – Spiritual Water

11. Eat Static – Bedlamite ** digital only

12. Gaudi & Greg Hunter – Ca$hmere ** digital only




1. Astronivo – Reveal

2. Switchbox - Hit the wrong Button

3. Extrawelt – Fernweh

4. Fiord – Zephyr

5. John Monkman – Player Praia

6. Perfect Stranger - Living in the past (The Medicine pt II) 4D – Amped

7. 4D - Amped

8. Saiko-pod – Compassion

9. Minilogue - Little Sisters (Dnox & Beckers RMX)

10. Indigo Child- The World Is Changed





1. Logica and Zumbi – Sometimes

2. Warp Technique – Ethic Gradient

3. Sensient- Cluster F*%k

4. Freakulizer – Groove Control (Burn In Noise Rmx )

5. Dickster - Nutcracker

6. Tron vs Glitch - Dharma

7. Avalon vs G-Nome – Funky Voodoo

8. Zen Mechanics – Industry Of Love (M-Theory Rmx)

9. 1NTT (Total Eclipse & Tribal Tul) – Organico Maniac

10. Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbons (Protoculture Rmx)






Related Links

Haiti Appeal Project | Website |

Organic Records | Website |

Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |

Arabesque Distribution Website |



For contact with helping PR, sell CDs in your country or general ideas for marketing collaborations: robin@triskelemanagement.com

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Right guys .... so we have been really at it collecting some well groovy prizes to RAFFLE. This is another GREAT way to raise some funds....


The raffle will be held at the HAITI APPEAL PROJECT Event on the 9th April, 2010 at 3am. BUT This is open to anyone !


We will make a list and any persons NOT at the event and not able to collect we will post the prizes to the following week.


As there are some SERIOUSLY killer prizes, were assuming some people may want to buy more than one ticket so we have made it easier by offering more for less...


£1 for 1

£4 for 5

£7 for 10


Remember this is ALL for donation, 100% will go back into the fund to go to DEC.









1X Glade

1x Waveform

1x Sunrise

1x Alchemy

1x Solstice Ruigoord NL





2X Glade

2x Waveform

2x Sunrise

2x Alchemy

2x Solstice Ruigoord NL



Shpongle - Are You Shpongled

Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible

Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost

Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland

Shpongle - Live in Concert DVD Roundhouse

Hallucinogen – Twisted

Hallucinogen – Demented

*all the above never played and signed by Simon Posford


Green Nuns of the Revolution - Conflict/Cor (Vinyl) TIP/BlueRoom

Green Nuns of the Revolution - The Afterburner EP (vinyl) Flying Rhino

Green Nuns of the Revolution - The Green Nunions/Ring Of Fire (Eat Static rmx) (vinyl) Flying Rhino

Danny Howells & Dick Trevor – KinkyFunk (Vinyl) Yoshitoshi Recordings

*all the above never played and signed by Dick Trevor


A Bottle of Champagne from Club Colosseum


£20 voucher for Digital Downloads at Aboriginal Records download shop http://aboriginalrecordings.ithinkmusic.com/my-store/index.php




NANO CD bundle of 10 releases

Alchemy CD bundle of 10 releases

Liquid CD bundle of 10 releases

Neurobiotic CD bundle of 10 releases

Bom Shanka CD bundle of 6 releases

Interchill CD bundle of 6 releases

2 x Wildthings CD bundle of 5 releases

Interchill CD bundle of 4 releases



8 x 10CD mixed bundles

20 x 5CD mixed bundles


*Mixed bundles host a wide range of styles from downtempo to trance, prog to dub. CDs donated from labels such as: Nano, Liquid, Alchemy, Neurobiotic, Exogenic, Transient, Maia, Free Spirit, Hearts Eye, Phar Psyde, Sabretooth, Wampus, Fiin, Space Boogie, Hippie Killer Prod, Pukka Music, Samsara, Vision, Ajana, Sacred Media, Aboriginal, Cosmic Theatre


Tickets will also be available on the night... but you know how it is when you have 4£ left and it is between raffle ticket and that last drink.... at that point reason goes for the drink LOL ;-)

Save yourself the worry of pocket change and go on and GET YOURS NOW !!







Cant wait to see you all there !!!!!!





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Get your CDs NOW !


This special set of 3 CDs will feature mostly exclusive and previously unreleased material. We have only printed 1000 so do expect them to go FAST !!! Click to order... avoid disappointment!!! You can purchase a Limited Edition CD in eco cardboard packaging direct from our website : HAITI APPEAL PROJECT WEBSITE

*or at any other online retailer



Digital Download Bundle Online !


This is a bundle of ALL 30 tracks from the CD as well as 9 additional tunes specially selected for the 3 exclusive bonus mixes by Gaudi, Shane Gobi & FØRM (Ans & Allaby). The CDs are OUT NOW and available to download.


Get it NOW at:








* To hear all samples in a player click




For contact with helping PR, sell CDs in your country or general ideas for marketing collaborations: We are also looking for other worldwide PR opportunities. If you can help with an advertisement, banner placement, interview, or sending to your mailing list.. please do contact us HERE robin@triskelemanagement.com and help. WE NEED YOU TO BE AMAZING !! Spread it on Facebook & Myspace... Twitter it !! BLOG IT !! The more people we tell the more we will raise !!!

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