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Kino Oko - 3rd new album: Colors Hate Themselves, updates

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Good day,


This activity is to promote my 3rd new album od Tribal Vision: Colors Hate Themselves which will be released May 2010.


I will also public official samples from album soon, update all my sites and you will be informed about it here in this post.


Please track my youtube channel and watch new slideshow ilustrated by track Born without Soul from Lost Entertainment album, 2005.



You have a chance to get familiar with art of Zdzislaw Beksinski (RIP), famous polish painter, photographer, and sculptor who is best known as a fantasy artist with baroque/gothic style. This art perfectly illustrates Born without Soul.


Thank you very much for your interest,


Have a nice one,


Kino Oko

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Sweet :D


I can't wait to hear what you have created this time :D


I just realized not long ago that you also made goa trance once :) (and really good stuff I have to add). It would be great with a new goa track one day as well :P (I am allowed to dream, no?!)

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My site is moved to www.kinooko.pl now so please use this one to track news and my accounts on social services. I joined www.soundcloud.com and my account is now active. My previous albums will be there soon as well as samples from new album: Colors Hate Themselves. Enjoy!

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This time i would like to share with you samples of content from album "Colors Hate Themselves". Please visit www.kinooko.pl and select myspace or soundcloud icon to listen to two samples from my new album:


1. Lovely Serenade

2. Nocturn for Bright Daylight


feel free to comment.



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Time has come to announce official tracklisting of this CD:


1.) Dorothy Last Day of Life

2.) Beige Genocide

3.) Lovely Serenade

4.) Rosalinda

5.) Nocturn for Bright Daylight

6.) Skylight Extravaganza

7.) The Ground

8.) Rapture of the Skeleton

9.) Puppet Lemonade

10.) Believe Nothing

11.) The Day of Pearly Spencer

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Digital EP to be released in May along with the album “Colours Hate Themselves”. EP will include:

“Lovely Serenade” track will be remixed by: Eelke Kleijn

“Lovely Serenade” track will be remixed by: Jurek Przezdziecki

“Lovely Serenade” track will be remixed by: Kino Oko (Pasyonated edit).


Furhter remixes (no release date set yet):

“The Ground” track will be remixed by Solead

“The Ground” track will be remixed by Nipp

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