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[EP] Toxic Anger Syndrome - No World Order (9th Circle Rec)

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Catalog Number: 9THFREE001

Release Date: 13. March 2010

Format Digital: WAV & VBR MP3

Audio Mastering: Extreme Forces

Cover Artwork: TAS & Rapid Eye Movement

Distribution: 9th Circle Records (Free Edition)




01 Toxic Anger Syndrome - What Goes Around... 152bpm

02 Toxic Anger Syndrome - ISM Incorporated 152bpm

03 Toxic Anger Syndrome - No World Order 153bpm


The project Toxic Anger Syndrome [TAS], is a psychedelic experiment that I mainly do for the fun sake. I have alot of "freetime" and producing is also a good therapy for me to escape from "the all day madness" that goes around in our crazy world... The usage of samples from movies etc is pretty high... I like to have a "message" or a "story" in the tracks.. I think that comes from my great passion for movies... In almost all movies there's a story, one way or another.. maybe that's what I try to do also... with music instead =) But all depends on feelings and all day happenings what comes out in the end! - Enjoy!


Download Link: http://www.9thcircle-records.com/releases/dark-psy/toxic_anger_syndrome-no_world_order.html


More info about the artist: http://myspace.com/toxicangersyndrome

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This post is old, so I may not get a response. In "No World Order" near the beginning, the guy say "Shut your mouth! We wear black uniforms." The samples go on to say other things about the government which seem real applicable today. I would like to know where these samples originate as I can't find it on the web. Thanks for making great music.

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