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The Best Free Psytrance of 2009


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^^ Which of the EPs are his???


I'm looking to do a collab here in the next little while. Not positive on the style yet, but TripHop / Psybient / Psytrance all have me intrigued....


If any of you need a drummer to lay down some tracks I have a feeling there are some talented music makers on the psy side of things


Hit me up!

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congratz mate, you definetly deserved that one. whats up with new tracks? workin hard or hardly workin?


Thank you :wub:


To be honest: I've been working very hard, and that results in hardly working... ;)

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This makes me a little proud :)




A Cronomi release voted as best in something :)

We're planning some stuff for 2010 too, I hope that they will win best EP/Album/Compilation/whatever for 2010! :)


Good job roman :)

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Seriously you all, if any of you want to work on a collaboration let me know through PM or a simple reply! Drummers and Trance can go along quite superbly...


True that, I am a drummer and trancer, and it works out pretty much fine for me ;)

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