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Squarefeet - Fujisan EP [Exogenic Records] Out Now!

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Artist: Squarefeet

Title: Fujisan

Genre: downbeat, psybient, chill-out

Release: 24.02.2010



Fujisan is the second EP from Squarefeet featuring three new tracks. The release anticipates the full album Flat Foot, which will be released in spring by Exogenic Records.


Fujisan takes us further in the fresh psychedelic audioscapes with the downbeat arrangements blending the organic samples and electronic backgrounds. Breakbeats and crispy sounds play on airy backdrops spiced up with for example Spanish guitars and oriental vocals.


Squarefeet is a project by long time producer Pepe Kosminen. Having his roots deep in the Finnish forest trance scene but branching his projects and productional skills over the genre boundaries Kosminen, with his power disco performance, has made the dancefloors around the world from Finland to Japan and from Israel to USA. Kosminen has worked on many projects on his musical career, most notable ones being Squaremeat, Flying Scorpions, Nano Buds and O-men. Besides Exogenic Records he has releases on Nephilim, Blue Room, Novatekk, Spirit Zone, Faerie Dragon and Antiscarp.




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Format: DIGI

Catalogue: EXOD13

Release date: 24.02.2010

Label: Exogenic Records



1. Air Squirrel

2. Tango Step

3. Rapture Roll



-> Listen to "Fujisan":




-> Available Online:

iTunes | Juno Download | Beatport



Exogenic Records

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