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Casimir's Blake - Ejecta Nebula EP [Free Download]


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Looking to join the space race? UNN Braun Casimir taking it's third flight to the cosmos...


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Ladies and gents, I realise this is the place for psy-trance, but I reckon some of you may find this of interest. I've just had a release on Kahvi records, a well-known and long-standing netlabel. Psy and goa are some of my many influences, and I like to think I put that across in my tunes without going for the usual generic interlocking goa arps, or full-on basslines. This is different, but still psychedelic. No minimal here!


Nik at Kahvi has been very kind enough to release my newest piece, an EP entitled Ejecta Nebula. It's certainly more beat-centric than my previous outings, but also more melodic, and represents where I've been taking my composing over the last years. These are tracks that, like Corona and Silence, date back to 2007-2008, but are ideas I felt deserved completing and releasing. So here they are.


Ejecta Nebula is 5 tracks and about 16 minutes, and available for free over at Kahvi:



I hope some of you enjoy it. :)



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