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Alienapia - Goapocalipsis

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First review of 2010, my first review in general, so please take it easy on me :)




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Alienapia - Goapocalipsis


Release date: 2010.02.12

Label: Space Baby Records

id#: SBCD 005

Tracks: 10

All tracks composed & produced by: Dmitry Likhachev & Grigory Sobinov

Artwork: Pollen

Mastering: Kodzu




01. Alienapia - Distinctive Perception (1:23)

02. Alienapia - Dharmakaya (7:31)

03. Alienapia - Estimate Of Standing Crop (7:42)

04. Alienapia - High Visual Philosophy (7:20)

05. Alienapia - Inner Poison (8:06)

06. Alienapia - Magic Magnification (7:17)

07. Alienapia vs. Psy-H - Fear And Anger (8:17)

08. RA - Reign Of Madness (Alienapia rmx)(7:42)

09. Alienapia vs. Agneton - Misterika Island (8:31)

10. Alienapia - Remnant (1:04)





I knew it. I knew it would be good. When I first listened to "Inner Poison", I thought to myself "damn that's good". Though I have to admit, that I never heard of Alienapia before, right after googling them up and after listening to the samples of their debut album, "Goapocalipsis", it was a sure buy for me. Alienapia is the project of Ukrainians Dmitry Likhachev and Grigory Sobinov, whose main project is Zymosis...I've heard that before. But other than their usual psy-chill/downtempo stuff, this is their goatrance project, and that's basically what you get here!


So I got the CD today, nice Digipack and I like the artwork. Inside there's the tracklist and a short text:


"We are living on the "Earth" where the universe shows us its full and diverse variety. Every man's sight and breath of eternal space let's us feel the global harmony and flow of timeless consciousness. The vibration of universal unity and beauty originated from this unlimited space - The Sound was born. Everyone entered the whole ensemble, transformed themselves and united into the one living thing. Goa trance is a life philosophy which brings a state to the soul that gives f-r-e-e-d-o-m. There are sounds that dive through the universe making its every atom vibrate. It's like a mountain river - dangerous with its cold streaming flow and waterfalls but at the same time saving a traveller dying of thirst with its vital nutrients. This is the light, nobody and nothing can hide from. This is the darkness which can save the important presence of someone. The endless carousel ride. This is the world, where everything is possible!"



But let's go on with the review:



1. Distinctive Perception (1:23)


First seconds, first sounds, an oriental sounding flute playing a nice melody, tension builds up and I immediately knew, that this album would be something special. As an intro, it creates the right mood for the following voyage.


Rating: B+



2. Dharmakaya (7:31)


Proper stomping track with a rather "dark" touch to it in the beginning, after that it's as psychedelic as it can get, imho. Like the text in the inlay said, there are sounds which dive through the universe making it's every atom vibrate, and basically that's what this track is about. The slower part at the middle of the track transports the feeling of zero gravity perfectly well, and afterwards the journey continues again.


Rating: A



3. Estimate Of Standing Crop (7:42)


The track starts with some tribal chanting, already mesmerizing. While the chants fade away, melodies slowly build up, beat kicks in and there you have it again: psychedelic bliss. At around 3 minutes into the track, there's just a melody playing with some effects - zero gravity again. I'll be attending an oldschool party next week near my hometown, and this is exactly the kind of music/spirit I want to hear at that party and that is not too common anymore.


Rating: A-



4. High Visual Philosophy (7:20)


It has a rather unusual beginning with some more twisted sounds, starts off proper stomping, then has an unexpected break, that somehow didn't feel harmonic to me and continues with a more twisted melody and stranger sounds, slows down, but the last two minutes are sure to make you dance, while keeping the twisted character. I think this may be the only track, which has kind of different feeling than the other tracks.


Rating: B



5. Inner Poison (7:20)


I heard this one already on the "Goatronika" compilation and it's an instant favorite. Basically, it's the track that got me interested in Alienapia in the first place. I can almost see the people go crazy on the dancefloor after the beat kicks in. Again, this one has a darker, harder touch to it in the beginning, but the latter half is pure space travel. Space, baby!


Rating: A



6. Magic Magnification (7:17)


Woohoo! I immediately thought of Filteria's "Eyeless Observatory", because it triggered the same synapses with its acid thunderstorm. A perfectly placed, perfect melody only part with a heavy sci-fi feel to it, adds to the fantastic feeling of this track.


Rating: A



7. Fear And Anger (vs. Psy-H)(8:17)


When I thought that there would be no more goodness like the previous two tracks on this album, I was wrong. I just loved the melodies in this one, and parts like that from 3:45 on just remind me, why I love this music so much. When everything falls in place, and every added or different layer of effects just enhances the listening experience like that. The voice at the end tops it off and makes it a masterpiece imo. Best track so far, therefore it has to be


Rating: A+



8. Ra - Reign Of Madness (Alienapia rmx) 7:49


What can I say...the original is already like a solid block of awesomeness, especially the intro and outro send chills down my spine, and this remix falls nothing short of the original in terms of quality. Great, just great.


Rating: A



9. Alienapia vs. Agneton - Misterika Island (8:31)


Accelerated tempo and the first half of the track is clearly Agneton's style dominating. Having said that, you know what to expect! Btw. I'm looking forward to see you performing live next week, Agneton :)


Rating: A-/B+



10. Remnant (1:04)


The journey ends with this outro, sounding much more spheric than the intro and, unlike the intro, which gave the impression of a stream of energy/light arriving, the outro does the opposite. The flute fades away, with it the light it brought, and the last seconds are unexpectedly dark. I'd love to know what the dark voice says at the end, so if somebody knows, post it here.


Rating: B+ (could be longer, but loved the end)



Final verdict:


Like I said, I knew it would be good, but I didn't guess it'd be THAT good. I don't know how you'll feel about it, maybe I'm exaggerating, because I still feel the euphoria of the music in me, but imho Alienapia's debut is on par with "Born Underwater" or "Daze Of Our Lives".


Overall rating: A-


Favorite: Track 7.



Samples / buy:





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Haven't heard it yet (still I plan to buy it; I'm a sucker for any and all goa releases) but I noticed that 3 tracks are already available on compilations. Add to the fact that there is a short intro and outro, that means only 5 new tracks. For a debut album? What gives?

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Gaah. Too much compression. I don´t know if it´s the mastering or mixing. My ears hurt!


Otherwise it´s good.

Could have been perfect though. I´ve had much anticipations for this since I really like the Zymosis-project... :(

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I love how the Delay Lama makes it to almost every goa release these days. Appears on Fear and Anger in this release. That little dude sure gets around. Great release!


Delay Lama? Is that some kind of VST or what? :)


Anyways, glad you liked it!

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God some of the tracks in this album are so badass. This darker style goa is such a welcomed style. Almost every release relies on more uplifting goa, but this definitely doesn't. I love some of those melodies and ambients so much, spiraling and mysterious. The cover does a lot of justice to what's inside of the album.

The only problem I find with this release is the fact 3 of the tracks already appeared on compilations(Dharmakaya - Alternative Colours, High Visual Philosophy - Magic Dew and Inner Poison - Goatronika), bad move imo. But if you don't own those comps, then it's no biggie.


Definitely recommend to everyone who enjoys goa, this release kicks all sorts of ass.




Delay Lama? Is that some kind of VST or what? :)


Anyways, glad you liked it!



"Delay Lama makes your computer sound and look like a singing Tibetan monk. Delay Lama is the first software synthesizer that features both vocal synthesis ... "

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This is possible one of best goa albums in last 5-6 years.

Just amazing tracks and quaility. Like this style!


My rate is 10/10 and favorite track is with Agnet :)

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This is the first new album that has impressed me in a really long time. I will be listening to it a lot. It's helped renew my faith in the genre.. finally not just another poorly done clone.


Pros: Great production, very psychedelic, no annoying samples, some songs are just mind-blowingly good.


Cons: A few tracks which I find a bit cheesy in parts, although they may grow on me (also the amazing songs more than make up for it). Some of the percussion could be better.


Highly recommended. If you like psytrance I can't see you not liking this.



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Wow, this album is amazing.

The first time I heard it, various feelings have risen from inside. The same feelings when I was listening to old MFG, Pleiadians and AP from cassette tapes when I was a kid. This album is very energetic, delivering really good vibes and feelings in a somewhat darker themed goa trance. Even though it is very fast and very melodic, it deviates from the so common neo-nitzhonot style of these days, which is actually a positive thing because this is an order of magnitute better than the rest.

The sound production is interesting - every track has a signature sound, being somewhat raw and unpolished yet still managing to sound very good. The fact that there are basically only 5 tracks doesn't bother me too much since I only own one of the mentioned compilations. On that matter, I would love to hear a full version of the first track since it is so much mind blowing.

To sum it up, this is how goa trance should sound. A top competitor for the best album of 2010 in goa trance.

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It's always been like this in the trance scene: you have an album that is absolutely stunning and defines a new sound... then you have a million copycats stepping in, using the same formula over and over again until you wonder just why the hell are you still in the scene in the first place. And then it happens: out of nowhere a new artist comes and totally blows off all boundaries and sets a new set of rules, making you feel exactly the same way you did when first discovering the scene. This only happens a few times in a decade but IMO when it happens, you feel like all the years you've spent waiting for it to come were totally worth it. Why am I saying this, because THIS album is one of those new rule-setters, the ground breaking release that makes you feel like a teen just discovering the scene. So just who are these guys? A quick check on discogs tells us they're 2 producers from Kiev (Ukraine), already active since 2004 although personally I've never heard about them until last year. Don't know if it's the Chernobyl radiations or something but their style is really out of this world ;)


The opener is a downtempo breakbeat track called Distinctive Perceptionwhich already makes you feel that this album won't be like other stuff out there, but it only lasts 1:24 WTF?? I don't understand why he didn't make a full track out of it, it would've definately been worth it.


Then their style unleashes with full force in Dharmakaya, giving us a fast in-your-face agressive rolling bassline and hoards and hoards of melodies on top, which appears to be the distinctive carachteristic of their sound. It all comes to quite an abrubt ending but there's more to come ;)


Estimate Of Standing Crop starts off with some wierd chanting and some very mysterious pads, then the oldschoolish melodies on top of the fast-paced rolling bassline take over, although personally I like this one a bit less.


High Visual Philosophy is probably the one everyone knows best since it was featured on a comp last year. This is the track that made me want to learn more about these guys although I must say that compared to the other tracks on this comps this is actually the weakest one (which is to say how great the other ones are!!)


Inner Poison was featured on the comp Goatronika, so again I suppose that you already know that one. If you don't, well you shoudl cause it's one of the best trance tracks released this year ;)


Magic Magnification up next with a very in-your-face acid lead, not unlike Tufaan - Probe (in case anyone remembers that one). This one will surely make a LOT of people go crazy on the dancefloors all around the World :) There's a breakdown around 4:00 and then the style becomes very morningish, almost cheezy. It might come as awkward at first but the more you listen to it the more it makes sense.


Fear and Anger up next, again with that excellent mix of powerful agressive rolling bassline and loads and loads of swirling melodies. And that twisted acid melody coming around 5:40 OMG!!! It really made me want to stand up from my chair and dance.


Reign of Madness starts with a very familiar melody, then you realize that this is a remix of Ra's R.O.M. (BTW thanks for FINALLY letting the masses know what R.O.M. stands for lol for all these years I though it stood for Read Only Memory, I guess I really look stupid now lol). Anyway, R.O.M. was like my absolute favorite last "proper" oldschool track for years and years until the new team of newschool producers started taking over so it means a lot to me to see this name again. But, believe it or not, this is one of the ultra-rare instances where the remix is actually BETTER than the original!


Misterika Island up next which is a collaboration with Agneton and... well, it shows... you get the generic newschool sound that you hear a LOT these days. But stay with it cause around 6:00 starts one of the best melodies I've ever heard. Time for some more dancing while pulling out your hair folks!


The closer is another downtempo track Remnant which only lasts a minute, as if these guys were afraid of showing their softer side, I sure hope these guys will give us a full-lenght downtempo track sometime in the future :)


THE GOOD: The force of dark trance basslines, combined with the agressiveness of forest trance, combined with the craziness of newschool. These guys surely know how to take the best out of every subgenre and make a truly unique and groundbreaking sound.


THE BAD: OK, if there was one negative thing I'd like to point out in this release is that it's too much on the agressive side of things. One or 2 more chilled tracks would've been a welcome change to my ears.



CONCLUSION: TRANCE OF THE FUTURE!!! This is definately my no. 1 trance release of 2010 and THE reference album against which I shall compare all new future releases. Really, if you don't listen to this one then you're missing out on something BIG!! 5/5

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This is one of the most played albums on my last.fm page and for a good reason.


Albeit the problems (To me) with having too many tracks already released, there's no questioning this is an extremely strong debut. The sound is dark, twisted, banging russian goatrance and does stand out a lot in what most new school offers. We need variation and this is exactly that. The sound of this album is like strong winds sweeping through dark northern forests and cracking rocks that come before it, but leaving the trees intact, while also creating lightbeams made of green and purple colors that swirl around in the vast darkness. I have not thought about writing a longer review for this but needless to say this does deserve them. The sound is just so vivid.

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I had gone to buy the new Psykovsky store, they didn't have it yet so I bought this album remembering the reviews from psynews.



Oh I dislike it so much. Can't get to listen it fully many times I have tried. It sounds like all these neo-goa trance that comes out.

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I had gone to buy the new Psykovsky store, they didn't have it yet so I bought this album remembering the reviews from psynews.



Oh I dislike it so much. Can't get to listen it fully many times I have tried. It sounds like all these neo-goa trance that comes out.


I can understand that since you went for the psykovsky release, which is a substantially different style. I don't own this album myself but I was rather impressed with dharmakaya. Maybe you need to give it another chance? I also disagree with describing their style as generic neo-goa from what I have heard of them. It's much darker, and actually exactly how penzoline described the atmosphere. Maybe going for a psykovsky album and then buying this didn't really do it justice? Expectations and such.

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