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Green Nuns On Ice – Pan Electric Variations (Absolute Ambient) – COMING SOON !

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Green Nuns On Ice ~ Pan Electric Variations :: Absolute Ambient


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Release date: February 2010


The Underground psychedelic trance mavericks from England who caused joyous havoc at many an International party in the late 90’s are experiencing a resurgence of interest for which they have changed their socks. PAN ELECTRIC is the artist name for Matt Coldricks’ projects on Absolute Ambient records . The Pan Electric approach of variations rather than re-mixes allows for more creative interpretations of melodies and moods and marks a departure form the rather tired culture of remixes. Quirky, dubby and laced with colour, drama and humour this album is vivid, smells of carnivals, bonfires and tastes like the best spontaneous night in you’ve had. Available from Jan 2010 and available in liquid form at most leading horse stables...


Smallprint….. Terms and conditions apply – your house is at risk if you set fire to it etc etc .




1. International Trance Dance

2. Bing Bang Boing

3. Still Fluffy

4. “The British are avin a laugh”

5. Leuvense Stoofpot

6. Endless love

7. Embers

8. Tribal Nunions

9. Alhambra

10. OK Space Cadets





International Trance Dance

No prisoners taken in the Commentary booth – a spoof radio fantasy to get the irreverent juices flowing – an excellent use of multiple personality dis-order as we delve behind the scenes in Nunlandia.


Bing Bang Boing

Celebrating the absurd – (a very English pastime), a close friend of the nuns and Rock Bitch ” all in one. Featuring Helleanor Webb and her fruity flutey with Matt’s guitars deftly bringing up her rear.


Still Fluffy

The half tempo ending of “ Atomic armadillo – the fluffening “ gave the inspiration for this whole album and “Still fluffy draws on the same motifs and vibe. Giving a sense of the world twisting sideways as dinner is served. Originally Written in morse code on the back of a Shetland pony which was then ridden across the studio by a naked vicar - this track has been used as the arrival theme for the Peruvian national flea circus.


“The British are avin a laugh”

Life in the Green nuns sometimes felt like a never ending game of “ It’s a Knockout “ (Jeux sans frontiers)- an absurd but very European TV show that seemed to mix Euro folk-lore with psychedelia. The British team invariably came last. I can’t think of a better metaphor for a messy Trance party. The British government swapped its vast and powerful Empire for an absurdist sense of humour just after The Battle of the Somme in 1916 – If you could bottle the essence of that particular moment in time – you’d know what it’s like inside the mind of a Green Nun.


Trance dance 2

more idiocy in the commentary booth.


Endless love

And with humour comes love, no really …stop reaching for the bucket and hug yer mates - brazenly unfashionable use of vocoded vocals and the usual dubtantric melodies on guitar.



Deep, dark and down into the base chakra with the aid of some Nepalese chanting and a few of my favourite synths. Takes the Ring of fire bass line and offers it to the god of back-lit caves.


Tribal Nunions

Green nunions was our last release before we all took day jobs at the local shrimp factory – our best ever release? Maybe – twas the first time we used loops and it opened the door on a new way of making dance records – so what did we do ? we stopped making them ! - Neil Cowley, whose amazing riffs shaped many a later nun track shares a little of his genius on piano in this African trip Alien Safari SA we salute you



Ever been there? We did a gig in Granada once and all I can remember is the bruises on my hand afterwards from playing the congas with mucho gusto. Next day we took a trip to the Alhambra Palace and it was astonishing. Dutch artist MC Escher took much inspiration from the varied lines of perspective from the palace – it’s an approach to art that seems so in harmony with the synasthesia of psychedelic culture. Drawing on Octafunks twisty riffs and lines with Moorish intensity and Granada’s natural air of romance. See how I’ve mixed it all up in the experiential blender ?


Ok Space Cadets

Lightness – laughter and great trickery from scratch master JFB a local hero in Brighton –I brought JFB in as a new way of creating drum fills and links onto sections but mostly because after 25years of doing this I’d simply run out of new ways of making bit “ A” join up with bit “B” . Scratch culture is very un-fashionable in the world of trance and its associates – so it made nuntastic sense to bring it into play .


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