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Aphid Moon – Super Collider (Aphid Records) OUT NOW !

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Aphid Moon ~ Supercollider :: Aphid Records


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Release date: 22nd January 2010


Super Collider the third solo album from the artist Aphid Moon is out now on Aphid Records and avalaible in digital format and CD from all good stores.


With critically acclaimed albums already released on both Dragonfly and Nano Records, 'Super Collider' finds him very much back and very much on form. With crystal clear production, detailed arrangements, driving basslines and an uncompromisingly unique style that stands out from the crowd it represents a distinct step up from his previous offerings.


The album kicks off with the excellent "Graviton" an evolving psychedelic yet hard-edged slab of satisfying grooviness closely followed by the delightful atmospherically percussed and low-bassed tribute to pacifism "Give Peace a Dance" both weighing in at a respectable 142 bpm. As does "Subspace" an eerie twisted groove-fest that takes the album for a brief voyage through darker realms. "Kaleidoscopic" picks up the baton and runs in a googley fashion through several waves of epic crescendo designed to energise any night time dancefloor. "Psydoc" at 144 bpms with its bobbly bassline, moody vibe and vibrant array of catchy lines that always seem to stay on the right side of the cheeseometer. "Tonk" has more of a spaced out AMD feel to it and hits all the right spots evolving through several subtle musical mutations. "Hyperdimension" takes us back to the moodier side of the Aphid Moon sound builds to become an epic groove monster. "Hadron" continues in a darker vein with echoes from a fullon underground vibe while "Go For Orbit" shines like a beacon for lost souls at the end with its smooth combination of psychedelic lushness and percussive accuracy.


Aphid Records joins forces with Mutagen Records for a double album launch party on 13th of Feb Valentine Weekender in the Colosseum Vauhall London. For more info and advance tickets please visit : aphidvsmutagen.eventbrite.com


for FULL RELEASE INFORMATION as well as where to buy or download please SEE : www.aphidrecords.com




1. Graviton

2. Give Peace A Dance

3. Subspace

4. Kaleidoscope

5. Psydoc

6. Tonk

7. Hyperdimension

8. Hadron

9. Go For Orbit


Distributed by Arabesque and Ingrooves.


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