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Alladin Group presents Psy Valentine

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Alladin Group presents Psy Valentine

Saturday, February 13th 2010

10pm till late

@ Hello BK

18 Commerce St. Brooklyn NY 11231


Happy New Year Trancers!


Our NYE Extravaganza was an unforgettable night filled with excitement, exhilaration, and collective energy!

Alladin Group wishes to express our deep appreciation for the solidarity of the psy community; New Year's Eve was an inspiring show of love for all the amazing performers who dazzled us with intoxicating beats and mystical visions. Together we created a beautiful place in space and time where harmony lives.

Our outlook is bright entering 2010, and we at Alladin Group are more committed than ever to bringing only the best in trance music and decoration to New York.


As always, we have been planning surprises to delight our faithful trancers...


Alladin Group invites you all to come together once again for a Valentine Weekend edition of psy goodness…

We return to Hello BK for another high energy gathering on Saturday, February 13th !




LOGIC BOMB LIVE! (TIP Records, Sweden)


Sweden’s Johan Krafft and Jonas Pettersson are Logic Bomb, a dynamic psychedelic full-on Scandinavian trance duo creating music together since 1998. Logic Bomb’s tracks make appearances on top notch compilations from famous trance labels such as TIP Records, Spirit Zone and Transient, and released their own debut album, “Headware”, on Spiral Trax, Sweden's leading trance label. With many years of experience in the electronic music arena, including collaboration with Dennis Tapper as Hux Flux, this highly skilled tech-savvy team makes no compromises on production quality, resulting in some of the crispiest sounds the trance scene has to offer.


TRANAN LIVE! (Solstice Music, Sweden)


Jonas Pettersson, aka Tranan, has been passionate about music since the piano playing days of his youth. He discovered the psy-trance scene in 1993 with friend Dennis Tapper, who later became his partner in the Hux Flux project. Jonas was motivated by the desire to create music exactly as he wanted to hear it, music that did not yet exist. Hux Flux gigs took him around the world, until he began Logic Bomb in 1998 with Johan Krafft, and later Jonaz Bergvall. 1999 witnessed his first solo release on Flow Records, and the following year the success of his many projects allowed him to quit his day job, giving complete focus to music ventures. To date, he has toured every continent aside from Antarctica, including highlights like Solstice Music Festival in Japan 2002, Boom Festival 2000, and Samothraki 2002 and 2003.


SKOOCHA LIVE! (Parabola Records, France)


Skoocha is one of the many aliases of French/Spanish Musician & Producer Benoit Munoz. Inspired by the trance sounds of the first Dragonfly compilation, which he encountered in Amsterdam back in 1995, Skoocha has devoted himself to a life of sonic creativity. He has worked on track releases with a variety of top names including Manmademan (UKSL / Flying Rhino), Biotonic (Solstice ), Earworm (3d Vision), and Mesmerizer (MindControl). Now we are delighted to be Skoocha’s host as he celebrates his much anticipated debut album, just released on Parabola Music (Germany)! Containing both unreleased tracks and new remixes of old favorites, “The Infinite Monkey Theorem” blends the emotions of old school goatrance with the power of polished production and the funk of NYC.


ORBIT (Orb Records, Alladin Group, NYC)


Hailing from Japan and Israel, the pair has been energizing crowds in the New York scene since 2004. Both with years of experience as DJs in their own right, this electric team has everything it takes to impress. Orbit’s full-on sets activate the dance floor to the max, generating an unstoppable vibe that is nothing less than contagious. Orbit’s sonic sorcery induces the imagination with wonder, magic, and mystery, evoking a collective journey on waves of vibration. Trancers are guaranteed a potent and stimulating concoction, skillfully mixed by these master crowd pleasers.

Orbit’s reputation in NYC precedes them, the buzz of anticipation creating excitement before they even take the stage.


PSYLIZA vs. EARWORM (Alladin Group, 3D Vision Records, NYC)



KIFE (Omnitribe, NYC)



Minimal & Progressive Room

Lineup TBA













$20 Advance Tickets On Sale @ http://www.alladinproject.net

$30 @ Door


18 to enter, 21 to drink MUST HAVE VALID PHOTO ID




Hello BK (formerly The Hook)

18 Commerce Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231


Doors open 10pm


This amazing venue, with TOP NOTCH sound and an amazing vibe, will provide us with two floors of music as well as an outdoor patio.

• The B61 bus, which travels express from Williamsburg and downtown BK, drops you off one block from the venue.

• The F train, Carroll St. stop or F/G train Smith/9 St stop, drops you a short 10 minute walk from The Hook.

There is plenty of parking space and the cab fare to the venue ranges from $8 (from BK) to $12 (from Manhattan).



Click Here For MAP


** COMING SOON : Stay tuned for information concerning ORB Festival 2010 ! JOIN THE ORB FESTIVAL FACEBOOK GROUP to be the first to receive exciting details about our fourth annual outdoor gathering…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alladin Project Team

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  • 2 weeks later...

the "security" people at this venue are WAAYYY out of control. and the problems are getting worse each time. Last time (the yogibogeybox party) i was refused re-entry because i "sighed rudely" at the bouncer. they told me to go stand in a corner and be silent until they said it was ok. it was about 3:30am and FREEZING cold and i did not have my jacket. after a quarter of an hour of waiting silently i started getting really angry. they refused to tell me how long i had to wait and in the end never did let me in again. eventually i reached a friend by phone who got my jacket for me and i left.


this time (the psyvalentine party) my friends (a couple) were suddenly physically dragged off the dance floor, pulled outside and shoved down the steps. they were accused of dealing drugs (which was total BS). after much protesting at the physical treatment they had just been subjected to my friends finally agreed to be searched since they had no other option. the search of course turned up nothing since they had not had any contact at ALL with drugs the entire time (let alone actually selling any). never the less they were still refused re-entry even just to get there jackets from the coat check (it was about 23 faranheit out with wind). eventually (after calling the cops and much arguing and yelling) they got someone to fetch the jackets for them and then they left.


needless to say on neither occasion did either my friends or I ever see the $30 entrance we paid.


Basically it's about the worst "security" i've ever seen in my 10 years of psy parties. so far i have never been to that place with out personally witnessing at least 4 separate incidents with them. of those at most one had any even vaguely legitimate reason (like no ID). the rest were purely them antagonising guests and seriously abusing there position.


As long as Hello BK keeps hiring those people it's reflects very badly on any promoters throwing events there.

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Apologies to any and all who have been mistreated by the door security here...

I am happy to announce to everyone that the two problematic female security personnel have been let go after we at Alladin Group strongly voiced the negative impact of their behavior at our events.

We will not have to encounter these two again during any future events booked at Hello BK - Alladin or otherwise...


Thanks again, and sorry to everyone who has been hassled.

-Alladin Crew

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well thats a step in the right direction for sure.


i for one was using the bathroom on new years eve (im a guy and i was taking a piss), when one of those FEMALE security people barged into the bathroom yelling at everyone and wouldnt let us leave without being searched. which is completely illegal for 3 reasons, 1- a female is NOT allowed into the mens bathroom 2- a female is NOT allowed to search a male (without permission) 3- keeping us in the bathroom constitutes an unlawful restraint.


now if the rest of the security there can maybe tone it down a few notches that would be great. the 2 who have been let go werent the only ones giving people problems. the only one there who isnt a problem is the heavy set white guy outside the door.

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