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* * * Various Poets - Various Poems * * * coming soon [Glitchy.Tonic.Records]

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* * * Various Poets - Various Poems * * *


out very soon on Glitchy.Tonic.Records (digital & CD)



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please check samples over here:

http://soundcloud.com/glitchy-tonic-records/samples-of-vario us-poets-various-poems-compilation-glitchy-tonic-records-201 0




First compilation of Glitchy.Tonic.Records and with this we're breaking out of the average of today's trance music.

9 gems from our producing members sending you on a journey from boundless minimality over jazzy grooves to weirdest "flicker" =)

We guess you'll have fun with this...very soon !




#1 Vaeya - Wake The Monster

#2 Radioactive.Cake - Manilla Envelope

#3 SourOne - Spectral Squirell Chair

#4 Hypogeo - Sector Of Silence

#5 Zartrox - Short High

#6 Marty Launchpad - Monkey Flower

#7 Onionbrain - Fear Nothing

#8 Sinhafazatron - Acid Cloud

#9 Vaeya - All Aboard



included artists' myspace:









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All the best for this release!!


Very happy 2 see my friend Vaeya aka Vaibhav (VB) get released on this awesome album for the 1st time!!

Have to watch out for this man's tunage..its serious funk n groovayness with a aussie proggy vibe 2 the core!


b0m vibez !


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